TSLC 2017 : The Social Learning Conference

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TSLC 2017 : The Social Learning Conference
TSLC 2017 : The Social Learning Conference
Dates 2017/11/27T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2017/11/28T12:00:00
Homepage: https://www.sociallearningconference.com/
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/09/15T12:00:00
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The Social Learning Conference https://www.sociallearningconference.com/

We are pleased to announce OpenLearning first annual conference, hosted in collaboration with the Malaysian Public Universities e-Learning Council (MEIPTA), which will take place at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

The Social Learning Conference Tyree Room, University of New South Wales November 27th - 28th, 2017


The conference will explore social constructivism in computer supported collaborative learning. The four main themes will be: ​ Community, Contribution & Connectedness Fostering communities of practice, designing for social presence, and informing effective online facilitation. ​​ Beyond Content & Quizzes Moving beyond content transmission and testing towards creating online learning environments for active learning, co-construction of knowledge, and social constructivism. ​​ Behavioural Learning Analytics Using analytics to analyse student interaction, and to inform design, effective online facilitation, and tools for self-regulation. It may also encompass designing analytics to effectively support academic research. ​​ Rethinking Assessment Moving towards authentic assessment and documenting online learning experiences in e-portfolios.


Abstract deadline: 15th September 2017 Paper deadline: 27th October 2017 Paper review: 27th October - 17th November 2017 Journal publication: TBA


We welcome submissions from anyone involved within the education space to contribute to the conference through research findings, abstracts, constructive, experimental, and empirical work relating to Social Learning.

Submissions will be assessed by a diverse panel of reviewers who may invite authors to speak, run workshops or be part of panel discussions. Selected submissions will be collected and published in an academic journal*.

Papers will be selected on the following themes:​ ​ Community, Contribution & Connectedness Fostering Communities of Practice • Effective online facilitation (creating social presence, the affective domain, the relationship between authority and motivation, socratic questioning) • Self-expression & student empowerment • Community-directed learning

Beyond Content & Quizzes Active Learning • Social constructivism in e-Learning • Experiential learning (creating rich/meaningful experiences) • Reflection for Self-Regulation in Learning (individual & group) • Guided discovery & conceptualization • Application of knowledge • Co-construction of knowledge

Behavioural Learning Analytics Using analytics to inform design • Discourse analysis (approaches to qualitative data) • Using analytics to inform more effective online facilitation • Using data to inform course design and iteration • Capturing trace data to investigate learning moments • Triangulating multiple data sources to better understand online learning experiences (self-regulation, co-regulation, and group-level regulation) Back-end API structuring to facilitate academic research

Rethinking Assessment Moving Towards Outcome-Driven Assessment • Using e-Portfolios for holistic assessment • Moving Beyond Stress Associated with Extrinsic Motivation • Awareness of Reflexivity: Targeting Learning over Grading • Altering Student Expectations: Applying Cognitive Behavioural Change • Authenticity in Assessment

Other related areas of research are welcome.


Our conference aims to provide broad insights from diverse academic and non-academic backgrounds relating to social learning. Beyond papers invites anyone who would like to share their experiences, success, experiments, or personal student stories. Entries may include but are not limited to, media and digital or printed materials, which will be displayed in designated spaces throughout the duration conference. Discussions or presentations about the submission is optional.

  • Journal TBA closer to the conference date.

Important dates for submission: Email paper submissions to conference@openlearning.com Email entries to conference@openlearning.com

Setting up: Presenters will need to inform our team at registration to prepare materials for display. The team will have a designated space on site for you to set up your work. Thumbtacks, tape, glue, and scissors, and more will be available on-site for displaying beyond paper works.

You will need to specify your work's dimensions, any unique requirements, or equipment needed for display in your email submission to conference@openlearning.com. ​ Transport/Shipping: Presenters are responsible for personally transporting their works to and from the conference venue. Please note, if you are planning to mail materials they will need to be sent to your hotel as the conference venue is not able to receive, store, or hold items.

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