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The property Has location country is used to describe the country where something is located in.

It is of the datatype Page and a special case of the Property:Located in. Other properties for specifying locations are: property:Has location city, property:Has location state and property:Has location address.

When specifying the country in which an academic event takes or took place, using this property is not needed for the DOI registration process via DataCite but strongly recommended.

Wikidata property id: P17

RQ-Wiki property: EventCountry

PTP property: country

Crossref property: conference_location

WikiCFP property: locality

DataCite property: geoLocation or geoLocationPlace

Usage guideline

  • Geonames geographical name decoding is used.
  • It can be checked at geonames whether the geographical name exists or not.
  • If it exits, then the geographical coordinate of the name can be decoded and the map view can be rendered.
  • An alternative name for existing can be created, see geonames manual.
  • If it does not exist, then it can be created. Detail information can be checked at geonames manual.
  • Normally it takes a few days until the API can decode the newly added name, see geonames update.