JCDL 2009

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JCDL 2009
IEEE/ACM 9th Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Event in series JCDL
Dates 15/06/2009 (iCal) - 19/06/2009
Homepage: www.jcdl.org/archived-conf-sites/jcdl2009/
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 23, 2009
Papers: Submitted 102 / Accepted 29 (28.4 %)
Table of Contents

Since 2001, the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries has served as the major international forum focused on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. JCDL encompasses the many meanings of the term "digital libraries," including (but not limited to) new forms of information institutions; operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, and distributing digital content; and theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing. Digital libraries may be viewed as a new form of information institution or as an extension of the services libraries currently provide. Representatives from academe, government, industry, and others are invited to participate in this annual conference. The conference draws from a broad array of disciplines including computer science, information science, librarianship, archival science and practice, museum studies and practice, technology, medicine, social sciences, and humanities. JCDL 2009 will be held in Austin, Texas. JCDL 2009 is hosted by the School of Information at the University of Texas, and is organized by an international committee of scholars and leaders in the Digital Libraries field. Four hundred attendees are expected for the five days of events including a day of cutting edge tutorials; 3 days of papers, panels, and keynotes; and a day of research workshops.

Important Dates

  • January 23, 2009 - All papers are due by 5pm CST
  • January 31, 2009 - Poster and demonstration submissions are due by 5pm CST
  • January 31, 2009 - Tutorial, panel, and workshop proposals are due by 5pm CST

Conference Co-Chairs

Program Committee

  • Richard Furuta, TAMU, Chair (furuta @ tamu dot edu)
  • Luis Francisco-Revilla, UT (Short Papers) (revilla @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)
  • Gary Geisler, UT (Poster/Demos) (geisler @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)
  • Geneva Henry, Rice University (Tutorials) (ghenry @ rice dot edu)
  • Kathy Marshall, Microsoft (Panels) (cathymar @ microsoft dot com)
  • Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology (Workshops) (rauber @ ifs dot tuwien dot ac dot at)

Local arrangements

  • Jade Anderson, UT (jade @ mail dot utexas dot edu)
  • Doug Barnette, UT (dougbarnett @ austin dot utexas dot edu)
  • Georgia Harper, UT (gharper @ austin dot utexas dot edu)
  • Danielle Plummer, Texas State Library and Archives (dplumer @ tsl dot state dot tx dot us)
  • Lynn Westbrook, UT (lynnwest @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)


  • Elizabeth Lawrence, UT (elizlaw @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)

Student volunteers

  • Neal Audenaert, TAMU (neal @ csdl dot tamu dot edu)


  • Dorothy Hight, UT (dhight @ jsg dot utexas dot edu)

Doctoral consortium

  • Michael Nelson, Old Dominion (mln @ cs dot odu dot edu)
  • Megan Winget, UT (megan @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)


  • Paul Aumer-Ryan, UT (paul @ ischool dot utexas dot edu)