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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
Categories: Digital Libraries
CORE Rank (2017): A*
Avg. acceptance rate: 28.5
Avg. acceptance rate (last 5 years): 26.1
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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) has an average acceptance rate of 28.5% (last 5 years 26.1%).


The following events of the series JCDL are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
JCDL 2020Aug 1Aug 5Xi'anChinaRuhua Huang
Dan Wu
Gary Marchionini
Daqing He
Sally Jo Cunningham
Preben Hansen
JCDL 2019Jun 2Jun 6Urbana-ChampainUSAJ. Stephen Downie
Qinghua Zhu
Jim Hahn
Suzie Allard
Richard Furuta
Atsuyuki Morishima
JCDL 2018Jun 3Jun 6Fort WorthUSAJiangping Chen
Marcos André Gonçalves
Jeff M. Allen
Edward A Fox
Min-Yen Kan
Vivien Petras
JCDL 2017Jun 19Jun 23TorontoCanada29.9
JCDL 2016Jun 19Jun 23NewarkUSA28.8
JCDL 2015Jun 21Jun 25KnoxvilleUSA30.0
JCDL 2014Aug 9Dec 9LondonUK28.7
JCDL 2013Jul 22Jul 26IndianapolisUSA29.5
JCDL 2012Oct 6Jun 14WashingtonUSA27.5
JCDL 2011Jun 13Jun 17OttawaCanada23.5
JCDL 2010Jun 21Jun 25QueenslandAustralia29.1
JCDL 2009Jun 15Jun 19AustinUSA28.4
JCDL 2008Jun 16Jun 20PittsburghUSA28.2
JCDL 2007Jun 18Jun 23VancouverCanada36.1
JCDL 2006Nov 6Jun 15Chapel HillUSA23.0
JCDL 2005Jul 6Nov 6DenverUSA21.9
JCDL 2004Jul 6Nov 6TucsonUSA24.5
JCDL 2003May 27May 31HoustonUSA25.0
JCDL 2002Jun 14Jun 18PortlandUSA28.8
JCDL 2001Jun 24Jun 28RoanokeUSA30.4




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