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  1. The OPEN RESEARCH Logo is hidden at - it would be easier to have it in the image directory as a normally uploaded file see Openresearch logo 2017 rgb resized.png
  2. All images older than 2016 are missing see It looks this happened in an attempt to get rid of SPAM images uploaded in 2013 ...
  3. Cleanup templates see - many Templates are not used or broken or both
  4. Fix SPARQL endpoint see and MediaWiki:Sidebar
  5. Fix
  6. "has Proceedings Link" is used on some pages but has not effect since property is not defined and not used in template (any more?) see EKAW_2016
  7. duplicates, red links and N/A dummies e.g.
  8. Fix missing property Property:Field
  9. 👍 Add Property:wikidataid and use it e.g. in Template:Event_series
  10. Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",". e.g. in AAAI
  11. 👍 Add Property:isA and use it
  12. improve refreshing of properties by calling runJobs from crontab entry every minute
  13. 👍 Remove or fix CFP SPAM e.g.
  14. 👍 Remove or fix Faulty CSV import e.g.
  15. 👍 Default length of Lists in EventSeries change length from 10 to 50
  16. fix Property:Has_processing_error issues 2237 x occuring in this wiki
  17. 👍
    Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: /bin/bash: convert: command not found
    -> convert installed by Felix Saurbier
  18. Acronym_Length_Histogram
  19. 👍 Database backup is far too big for number of pages 1.4 GB -> probably SPAM revisions still in database - cleanup would save lots of space ... see below
  20. 👍 Extension für Syntax-Highlighting scheint zu fehlen -> pygmentize installed by Torsten Kind
  21. Proceedings DOI not used
  22. 👍 Löschrechte Einrichten für einige Kuratoren
  23. Fix property Property:End_date and invalidate date entries
  24. 👍 mySQL Database content issues: 1.5 GB is far too big l10n_cache: 708 MB, searchindex: 682 MB, text: 404 MB - some 50% of text are still spam and blow up database size and slow down migration as well as running into followup issues that make upgrading impossible if not cleaned up. See ConfIDent 2020-08-03 Workdocumentation of WF
  25. 👍 Duplicate Event declarations e.g. ALENEX 2018,CSMR_2009,ISMAR 2007,QoSA 2012,WICSA 2015!,WICSA/ECSA 2009
  26. 👍 Duplicate Acronyms Workdocumentation_2020-08-26
  27. 👍 Acronyms with high length Workdocumentation_2020-08-26
  28. 👍 Workdocumentation_2020-09-01#Invalid_year_entries
  29. 👍 Kuratierungs_FAQ#Nicht_l.C3.B6schbare_doppelte_Eintr.C3.A4ge[16fc33fdc4592369bc8dff3b] 2020-09-24 11:28:01: Fataler Ausnahmefehler des Typs „InvalidArgumentException“ see
  30. upgrade
  31. SPAM - Check - are there still articles who's last contributor is a user with just an IP-Address see e.g. SCIPCV_2009
  32. Acronym != PAGENAME - {{PAGENAME}}
  33. 👍 Form:Event has {{{field|Has host organization}}} but Property in Template:Event is missing
  34. 👍 Events without titles - create error list
  36. 👍 bei "subevent of" und "superevent" die Unterscheidung zwischen sub und super optisch besser erkennbar machen, evtl. durch Fettschrift
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