CSMR 2009

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CSMR 2009
13th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR)
Event in series CSMR
Dates 2009/03/24 (iCal) - 2009/03/27
Homepage: csmr2009.iese.fraunhofer.de/
Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany
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Important dates
Abstracts: 2008/10/17
Papers: 2008/10/24
Notification: 2008/12/05
Subevents: SQM 2009
Papers: Submitted 70 / Accepted 22 (31.4 %)
Table of Contents

Architecture-Centric Maintenance of Large-Scale Software Systems

Maintaining large-scale software systems consumes a significant amount of resources. However, introducing new functionality or simply fixing a bug in software will inadvertently introduce new faults. Unfortunately, experience shows that these errors - mostly because of the tight deadlines - cumulate with time. How can we tackle this phenomenon - called software erosion - with appropriate maintenance and reengineering techniques? How can a proper architecture ensure efficient and effective maintenance? How can we reduce the effort for maintaining large-scale software systems?

CSMR is the premier European conference on the theory and practice of maintenance, reengineering and evolution of software systems. It promotes discussion and interaction among researchers and practitioners about the development of maintainable systems, and the evolution, migration and reengineering of the existing ones. CSMR 2009 will feature up to 10 technical research paper sessions, full-day and half-day workshops, an industry paper track, a tool demonstration track, a doctoral symposium and a special track on European research projects within the field of software maintenance and reengineering. The conference will be held in Kaiserslautern, Germany. CSMR is supported by the Reengineering Forum.

The proceedings of the papers will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Details on the submission process can be found on the conference web site (http://csmr2009.iese.fraunhofer.de/). It is intended to invite extended versions of the best papers accepted for CSMR 2009 to be published in a special issue of a renowned journal.

  • Technical Research Papers: Research papers should describe original and significant work in the research and practice of software maintenance and reengineering. Theoretical results, Case studies, empirical research and experiments are particularly welcome (10 proceeding pages).
  • Workshop Proposals: Workshop proposals should include the names and affiliations of the organizers, a description of the topic, the intended audience, and the proposed format of the session. Once the proposal is accepted the organizers should submit a paper describing the nature of the workshop area, related work, and its anticipated impact (2 proceeding pages).
  • Industry Track Papers: The industry track papers should discuss industrial practice and experience reports describing problems (and their solutions) encountered in real applications. (2 proceedings pages).
  • Tool Demonstration Track Papers: Tool demonstration track papers should include information on the theory, models, and infrastructure of the demonstrated tool. Challenges related to the use and adoption of the demonstrated tool should also be included (2 proceeding pages).
  • Doctoral Symposium Papers: The doctoral symposium track is for those who are currently working on or who have recently completed their PhD thesis. The papers should describe a summary of their research (4 proceeding pages).
  • European Project Track Papers: The European track will give an overview on ongoing or recently completed projects (both national and international) in Europe related to maintenance and/or reengineering (4 proceeding pages).

All papers should adhere to the IEEE 8.5" x 11" two-column format and be submitted electronically in PDF format at the submission sites:

We solicit submissions (technical papers, workshop proposals, special track papers, and tool demonstrations) on the following topics or general matters of interest to the maintenance and reengineering community:

  • Tools and methods to support software architecture evolution
  • Techniques and approaches for software analysis, comprehension, and reconstruction
  • Process models for software maintenance, reengineering, and evolution
  • Experience reports on maintenance and reengineering of large-scale software systems
  • Empirical studies in software reengineering, maintenance, and evolution
  • Evaluation and assessment of reverse engineering and reengineering tools
  • Analysis and reengineering of multi-language, multi-platform systems
  • Education-related issues to evolution, maintenance and reengineering

Important dates

  • Technical Papers
    • October 17, 2008 (Abstract);
    • October 24, 2008 (Full Paper)
  • Satellite events - November 14, 2008
  • Notification of Acceptance - December 5, 2008

Organizing Committee

  • General Chair
  • Program Chairs
  • Workshop Chair
  • Industry Chair
  • Tool Demonstrations Chair
  • Doctoral Symposium Chairs:
    • Gerardo Canfora (University of Sannio, RCOST, Benevento, Italy)
    • Martin Pinzger (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
  • European Track Chair
    • Tom Mens (University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium)
  • Finance Chair