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Workshop on Soft Computing in Image Processing and Computer Vision
Subevent of IPCV 2009
Dates 2009/07/13 (iCal) - 2009/07/16
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: 2009/03/15
Table of Contents

Vision in general and images in particular have always played an important and essential role in human life. In the past they were, today they are, and in the future they will continue to be one of our most important information carriers. Nowadays, image processing and computer vision have numerous commercial, scientific, industrial and military applications. All these applications result from the interaction between fundamental scientific research on the one hand, and the development of new and high-standard technology on the other hand.

In order to cope with the variety of image processing and computer vision challenges, several techniques have been introduced and developed, quite often with great success. Among the different techniques that are currently in use, we also encounter soft computing techniques. Soft Computing is an emerging field that consists of complementary elements of fuzzy logic, neural computing, evolutionary computation, machine learning and probabilistic reasoning, and often offers solutions where conventional approaches fail.

The Workshop on Soft Computing in Image Processing and Computer Vision (SCIPCV) aims to provide a forum for current state-of-the-art approaches of soft computing techniques in image processing, computer vision and related applications.


High quality submissions are sought; topics include, but are not limited to, soft computing approaches such as

  • fuzzy logic
  • neural networks
  • evolutionary computing
  • rough sets
  • swarm intelligence
  • etc.


  • image analysis: edge detection, segmentation, pattern recognition, object recognition, interpretation
  • image enhancement: filtering, noise removal, enhancement, restoration
  • image compression
  • image reconstruction
  • image similarity and image retrieval
  • satellite image processing
  • medical image processing
  • mathematical morphology
  • wavelets
  • video processing and retrieval
  • image formation and physics based vision
  • 3-d processing
  • shape-from-X
  • scene understanding
  • etc.


  • Manuscript submission: March 15, 2009
  • Notification of acceptance: April 5, 2009
  • Camera-ready submission & registration: April 25, 2009


Prospective authors are invited to submit papers of about 5-7 pages (single spaced, font size 10-12pt) including results, figures and references. At this stage all reasonable typesetting formats are acceptable (later, authors of accepted papers will receive instructions on how to prepare their papers for publication).

Each paper will be reviewed by at least 2 expert reviewers and based on these reviews, accepted papers will be assigned either as regular papers (7 typeset pages) or short papers (4 pages). All accepted papers will be published in the IPCV conference proceedings (both, in printed conference proceedings/book as well as online).

To submit your paper please go to the paper submission site:


  • Gerald Schaefer, Aston University, U.K.
  • Mike Nachtegael, Ghent University, Belgium

M. Emre Celebi, Publicity Chair

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