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IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
Categories: Computer vision
CORE Rank (2017): A*
Avg. acceptance rate: 26.2
Avg. acceptance rate (last 5 years): 25
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IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) has an average acceptance rate of 26.2% (last 5 years 25%).


The following events of the series ICCV are currently known in this wiki:

 OrdinalFromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
ICCV 2023Oct 2Oct 6ParisFrance
ICCV 2021Oct 10Oct 17MontrealCanada26.2
ICCV 2019Oct 27Nov 2SeoulKoreaKyoung Mu Lee
David Forsyth
Marc Pollefeys
Xiaoou Tang
In So Kweon
Nikos Paragios
Ming-Hsuan Yang
Svetlana Lazebnik
ICCV 2017Oct 22Oct 29VeniceItaly29.0
ICCV 2015Jul 12Dec 13SantiagoChile30.9
ICCV 2013Jan 12Aug 12SydneyAustralia27.9
ICCV 2011Jun 11Nov 13BarcelonaSpain23.7
ICCV 2009Sep 27Apr 10KyotoJapan23.2
ICCV 2007Oct 14Oct 20Rio de JaneiroBrazil23.6
ICCV 2005Oct 17Oct 20BeijingChina19.8
ICCV 2003Oct 14Oct 17NiceFrance20.6
ICCV 2001Jul 7Jul 14VancouverCanada34.4
ICCV 1999Sep 20Sep 25KerkyraGreece31.0
ICCV 1998Apr 1Aug 1BombayIndia30.4
ICCV 1995Jun 20Jun 30BostonUSA25.0
ICCV 1993Nov 5May 14BerlinGermany26.6
ICCV 1990Apr 12Jul 12OsakaJapan24.3
ICCV 1988May 12Aug 12TampaUSA29.1
ICCV 1987Aug 7Nov 7LondonUK20.0

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