ALT 2019

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ALT 2019
30th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory
Event in series ALT
Dates 2019/03/22 (iCal) - 2019/03/24
Location: Chicago, USA
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Papers: Submitted 78 / Accepted 37 (47.4 %)
Organizers: Lev Reyzin, Gyorgy Turan
PC chairs: Satyen Kale, Aurélien Garivier
Workshop chairs: Steve Hanneke
PC members: Naman Agarwal, Kareem Amin, Borja Balle, Achilles Beros, Gilles Blanchard, Sébastien Bubeck
Keynote speaker: Sanjeev Arora, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Table of Contents



  • Design and analysis of learning algorithms.
  • Statistical and computational learning theory.
  • Online learning algorithms and theory.
  • Optimization methods for learning.
  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised, online and active learning.
  • Connections of learning with other mathematical fields.
  • Artificial neural networks, including deep learning.
  • High-dimensional and non-parametric statistics.
  • Learning with algebraic or combinatorial structure.
  • Bayesian methods in learning.
  • Planning and control, including reinforcement learning.
  • Learning with system constraints: e.g. privacy, memory or communication budget.
  • Learning from complex data: e.g., networks, time series, etc.
  • Interactions with statistical physics.
  • Learning in other settings: e.g. social, economic, and game-theoretic.