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WebDB 2008
11th International Workshop on the Web and Databases
Dates Jun 13, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 13, 2008
Homepage: webdb2008.como.polimi.it
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Important dates
Abstracts: Apr 6, 2008
Submissions: Apr 6, 2008
Notification: May 12, 2008
Table of Contents

The WebDB workshop focuses on providing a forum where researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners can sha\
re their knowledge and opinions about problems and solutions at the intersection of data management and the\
This year WebDB will focus on Web2.0 and Multimedia support for the Web, but papers on all aspects of the W\
eb and Databases are solicited.                                                                             
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):                                                        
    * Business processes for applications on the Web                                                        
    * Data-oriented aspects of Web application development environments                                     
    * Data Models for Web Information Systems                                                               
    * Query languages and systems for XML and Web data                                                      
    * Semi-structured data management                                                                       
    * Web Information Extraction                                                                            
    * Information retrieval in semi-structured data and the Web                                             
    * Data integration over the Web                                                                         
    * Warehousing of Web data                                                                               
    * Data synchronization from hand-held devices to the Web                                                
    * Data-intensive applications on the Web                                                                
    * Methodologies and tools for Web data publishing                                                       
    * Transactions on the Web                                                                               
    * Web services and distributed computing over the Web                                                   
    * Security and integrity issues                                                                         
    * Web-based distributed data management                                                                 
    * Semantic Web and reasoning on Web data                                                                
    * Web Community Data Management Systems                                                                 
    * Database Support for Social Web 2.0 applications                                                      
    * Multimedia Content Production, Storage and Search     

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