WOSP 2008

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WOSP 2008
Workshop on Software and Performance
Dates Jun 23, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 26, 2008
Homepage: www.wosp-conference.org
Location: Princeton, NJ, USA
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Important dates
Abstracts: Jan 13, 2008
Submissions: Jan 20, 2008
Notification: Mar 17, 2008
Table of Contents

The complexity of modern software systems (autonomous, mobile, distributed) often induces stringent quantitative behaviour requirements. Support is needed at every stage of development and operation in order to ensure that such requirements (e.g. efficiency and scalability) are met.
WOSP brings together software engineers, developers, performance analysts and software/performance modellers who are addressing the challenges of: increasing system complexity, rapidly evolving software technologies, short time to market, incomplete documentation, and less-than-adequate methods, models and tools. The focus of WOSP is therefore in the intersection of software and performance, rather than one discipline in isolation.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

    * Performance modeling of software
          o languages and ontologies
          o methods and tools
          o composing models
          o capturing user behavior

    * Performance measurement and analysis
          o software performance testing
          o application performance measurement and monitoring
          o analysis of measured application performance data

    * Performance and other quality attributes
          o relationship/integration/tradeoffs with other QoS attributes
          o relationship/integration/tradeoffs with cost and schedule

    * Performance and development processes
          o software performance patterns and antipatterns
          o software/performance tool interoperability (models and data interchange formats)
          o performance oriented design, implementation and configuration management
          o Software Performance Engineering and Model-Driven Development
          o gathering, interpreting and exploiting software performance annotations and data

    * Performance evaluation in application domains (e.g. Web Services, Middleware, Component-Based / Autonomous / Mobile / Intelligent / Adaptive / Embedded Systems)

WOSP 2008 encourages contributions describing basic research, novel applications and industrial experience. Experience reports are particularly sought, as they contribute to fill the gap between theory and practice in the WOSP domain. In all cases, papers should make a contribution to software performance engineering.


Title and abstract submitted to web site 	January 	13 	2008
Full paper text submitted to web site
(no extensions will be possible, sorry) 	January 	20 	2008
Author notification of acceptance 	March 	17 	2008
Final papers due at the publisher web site 	April 	17 	2008
Technical Sessions 	June 	23-26 	2008


    * Research papers (up to 12 pages, using ACM format found at http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html)

    * Industrial experience reports which present unmet needs, or describe the application of a performance technique in enough detail that its effectiveness can be evaluated. They can be any appropriate length up to the 12 page limit described above.

    * Working session proposals, up to 2 pages explaining the issues to be discussed.

    * Tutorial proposals, up to 2 pages.

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