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WIMS 2018
Logo of WIMS 2018
8th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics
Event in series WIMS
Dates 2018/06/25 (iCal) - 2018/06/27
Homepage: wims2018.pmf.uns.ac.rs/cfp.php
Submitting link: easychair.org/conferences/?conf=wims2018
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
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Important dates
Workshops: 2018/02/15
Submissions: 2018/02/21
Notification: 2018/04/18
Camera ready due: 2018/05/15
General chairs: Mirjana Ivanovic
Workshop chairs: Costin Bădică
Seminars Chair: Costin Bădică
Table of Contents

WIMS is a series of peer-reviewed International Computer Science conferences. It is a forum for researchers and practitioners to present their state-of-the-art results in building Intelligent Web, to examine performance characteristics of various approaches in Web-based intelligent information technology, and to cross-fertilize their ideas on the development of Web-based intelligent information management solutions across different domains. The purpose of the WIMS series is:

  • To provide a forum for established researchers and practitioners to present their contributions to the state of the art research and development in Web technology and applications
  • To give doctoral students an opportunity to present their research to a friendly and knowledgeable audience and receive valuable feedback
  • To provide an informal social event where Web technology researchers and practitioners can meet

WIMS traditionally hosts a small number of short tutorials on the topics related to the scope of the conference series. The role of a WIMS tutorial is to be a theme-oriented comprehensive survey. WIMS also offers its infrastructure and facilities for the organizers of satellite workshops that complement the scope of the conference. The calls for WIMS’2018 Tutorials and Workshops are published separately. Companies or individuals interested in presenting their industrial products or methodologies are invited to contact the conference chairs.


Scalable Web and Data Architectures and Infrastructures

  • Crawling, Caching and Querying Linked (Semantic) Data
  • Dataset Dynamics and Synchronization
  • Big Data Computing
  • User Interfaces and Visualization for the Web of (Linked Semantic) Data at Scale
  • Indexing and Information Extraction from the (Semantic) Deep Web
  • 3D Media and Content
  • Sensing Web and the Web of Things
  • Web-Based Health- and Bio- Information Systems
  • Web Security, Integrity, Privacy, and Trust
  • Nature-Inspired Models and Approaches in Web and Data *Processing Infrastructures

Web Intelligence (WI)

  • Semantic Agent Systems for WI
  • Advanced Interaction and Communication Paradigms with WI
  • Natural Language / Ontology-/Taxonomy-based / Hybrid Interfaces
  • Intelligence for Visualizing (Linked Semantic) Web Data at scale
  • Intelligence for Big Data Analytics
  • Ubiquitous Intelligence and the Internet of Things
  • WI in Social Media
  • WI in Human Computation and Social Games
  • Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis on the Social Web
  • Social Monetization and Computational Advertising
  • Visualizing Social Network Data
  • WI for Services, Grids, and Middleware
  • Nature-Inspired Models and Approaches for WI
  • Web Mining, Information and Knowledge Extraction
  • Text, Data Stream, Web and Multimedia Content Mining
  • Contextualization and Clustering in Web Mining and *Information Extraction
  • Knowledge Extraction and Ontology Learning from the Web
  • Linked Data Mining
  • Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery from Big Data
  • Mining and Information Extraction from the Deep Web
  • Semantic Deep Web Data Fusion

Web Semantics and Reasoning

  • Knowledge Representation for the Web
  • Ontology Specification: Expressivity Versus Usability
  • Ontologies and Linked Semantic Data
  • Development and Re-Use of Ontologies for the Web
  • Crowdsourcing for Ontology Engineering and Management on the Social Web
  • Lifecycle, Management, and Evolution of Web Ontologies
  • Ontology Merging and Alignment
  • Rule Markup Languages and Systems
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Reasoning: Scalability, Expressivity, Incompleteness, *Vagueness, and/or Uncertainty

WIMS Applications

  • Web Applications of Semantic Agent Systems
  • Semantics-Driven Information Retrieval
  • Semantic Search
  • Intelligent E-Technology and the Semantic Web
  • Intelligence and Semantics for Business Information *Management and Integration
  • Intelligence and Semantic Technologies in Digital Media
  • Semantic Technologies in E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Finance, *E-Health, E-Science, **E-Government, E-Learning
  • WI for Multimedia, Sensors, and Situational Awareness
  • WI for Software and Systems Engineering
  • Quality of Life Technology for Web Access
  • Nature-Inspired Models and Approaches in WIMS Applications
  • Evaluation and Validation of WIMS Technologies and Applications
  • Evaluation and Validation Methodologies
  • Datasets and Benchmarks for Cross-Evaluations and Competitions
  • Evaluation and Validation Infrastructures
  • Evaluation and Validation Metrics (e.g., Fitness, Quality, Completeness, Correctness, etc.)


The authors of the best papers presented at WIMS'2018 may be invited to submit extended versions (more than 30% of new content) for possible publication in Computer Science and Information Systems - ComSIS (two-year impact factor 2016: 0.837) and Fundamenta Informaticae (impact factor 2017: 0.687) journals.

Four types of submissions are solicited for the main conference:

  • Regular research papers (12 ACM pages)
  • Short research papers (6 ACM pages)
  • Discussion, survey, or problem analysis papers (12 ACM pages)
  • Posters (4 ACM pages)

Regular Research Papers. The papers in this category are the reports on the accomplished research work. They present a novel method, technique or analysis with appropriate empirical or other type of evaluation as a proof of validity. The main evaluation criteria for this category are originality, technical soundness, and the soundness of evaluation. Page Limit: 12 ACM pages.

Short Research Papers. The papers in this category are the short reports of the preliminary results or describing the work in progress. The main evaluation criteria for this category are originality, technical correctness, and possible value of the planned results in a short to mid-term perspective. Short papers can be also presented in a form of a poster. Page Limit: 6 ACM pages.

Discussion, Survey, or Problem Analysis Papers. The papers solicited in this category will not present any novel method, technique or approach to solving a problem, but help understand the problem itself. Within the genre, we expect receiving reasonable overviews placing a problem onto the state-of-the-art landscape and analyzing how far current solutions fall short. We also expect in-depth discussions and analysis of a certain problem, with clear definitions and argumentation in terms of qualitative or quantitative representation of the main characteristics of the problem. Page Limit: 12 ACM pages.

Posters. WIMS poster track is a venue for late-breaking results, ongoing research activities, and speculative or innovative work in progress. This track is intended to provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work. Posters provide authors with a unique opportunity to draw attention to their work during the conference. Page Limit: 4 ACM pages.

The papers in all the categories should describe original results that have not been accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere. All submissions will be evaluated by at least three members of the international program committee.

Submissions should be made electronically in PDF or DOC/DOCX (MS/Open Word) format via the electronic submission system of the WIMS’2018 Conference Management system at WIMS’18 Easychair page.

The submissions should be typeset using the templates of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS). The templates could be retrieved from the ACM website.

Important Dates

  • Paper submission - January 25, 2018
  • Submission of tutorial and workshop proposals - January 20, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance for tutorials and workshops - January 30, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance for papers/posters - March 20, 2018
  • Camera-ready versions of accepted papers, posters, tutorial papers - April 25, 2018
  • Author registration and registration fee payment deadline - April 25, 2018


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Has general chairMirjana Ivanovic +
Has general co-chairSang-Wook Kim +
Has local chairMiloš Savić +, Jovana Vidaković +, Brankica Bratić +, Jovana Ivković +, Saša Pešić + and Đurica Salamon +
Has location cityNovi Sad +
Has location countryCategory:Serbia +
Has program co-chairYannis Manolopoulos + and Riccardo Rosati +
Has tutorial chairCostin Bădică +
Has tutorial co-chairMiloš Radovanović + and Miloš Savić +
Has workshop chairCostin Bădică +
Has workshop co-chairMiloš Radovanović + and Miloš Savić +
Homepagehttp://wims2018.pmf.uns.ac.rs/cfp.php +
NotificationApril 18, 2018 +
Start dateJune 25, 2018 +
Submission deadlineFebruary 21, 2018 +
Title8th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics +
Workshop deadlineFebruary 15, 2018 +