WAC 2008

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WAC 2008
The 4th Web as Corpus workshop: Can we beat Google?
Dates Jun 1, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 1, 2008
Homepage: webascorpus.sf.net/WAC4
Location: Marrakech, Morocco
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Important dates
Submissions: Feb 29, 2008
Table of Contents

The 4th Web as Corpus workshop: Can we beat Google?

Marrakech, Morocco (post-LREC workshop)
1 June 2008


Submission deadline: 29 February 2008


Commercial Web search engines offer fast search on huge amounts of text,
combined with increasingly clever ranking and data analysis algorithms,
but their content-centric services do not cater to the needs of the
computational linguistics and NLP communities.  The leading theme of
this workshop, the fourth in a row of highly successful Web as Corpus
meetings, is to find out how to combine the power and scalability of
modern search engine technology with sophisticated linguistic annotation
and query processing.

We invite papers on various topics concerning the use of Web resources
for corpus research and NLP applications, including (but not limited to)
the following:

   * linguistic Web crawler technology and Web corpus collection
   * applications of Web-derived corpora and other kinds of Web data
   * how far does the "easy way" get you? (using search engines, or
Google's n-gram lists; we are particularly interested in a critical
discussion of the usefulness and limitations of such approaches)
   * methods and tools for "cleaning" Web pages to turn them into a
corpus (contributors to this topic will be encouraged to participate in
the second CLEANEVAL competition to be held in 2009)
   * automatic linguistic annotation of Web data: tokenisation, POS
tagging, lemmatisation, semantic tagging, etc. (established tools often
perform very poorly on Web data)
   * search engine architectures for linguists: bringing linguistics to
commercial search engines, or high-performance search technology to
   * search engine-related topics such as result ranking (e.g. how to
identify "typical" uses rather than returning 50 very similar matches on
the first page)
   * duplicate detection, interactive query refinement, etc.
   * reviews and clever uses of search engine APIs (Google, Yahoo,
Altavista, and in particular Microsoft's current generous LiveSearch

This workshop is endorsed by the Special Interest Group on the Web as
Corpus (SIGWAC) of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).

Submission Information: Authors are invited to submit full papers on
original, unpublished work in the topic area of this workshop.
Submissions should follow the format of LREC proceedings and should not
exceed eight (8) pages, including references.  We strongly recommend the
use of LREC LaTeX or Microsoft Word style files tailored for this year's
conference.  Details on the submission procedure will be posted on the
conference website shortly.


Silvia Bernardini, U of Bologna, Italy
Massimiliano Ciaramita, CNR Pisa, Italy
Jesse de Does, INL, Netherlands
Katrien Depuydt, INL, Netherlands
Stefan Evert, U of Osnabrück, Germany
Cédrick Fairon, UCLouvain, Belgium
William Fletcher, U.S. Naval Academy, USA
Gregory Grefenstette, Commissariat à l'�?nergie Atomique, France
Péter Halácsy, Budapest U of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Katja Hofmann, U of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Adam Kilgarriff, Lexical Computing Ltd, UK
Igor Leturia, U of the Basque Country, Spain
Phil Resnik, U of Maryland, College Park, USA
Kevin Scannell, Saint Louis U, USA
Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, U Gent, Belgium
Klaus Schulz, LMU München, Germany
Serge Sharoff, U of Leeds, UK
Eros Zanchetta, U of Bologna, Italy


Stefan Evert, University of Osnabrück
Adam Kilgarriff, Lexical Computing
Serge Sharoff, University of Leeds

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