VSMM 2008

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VSMM 2008
14th International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia (VSMM)
Dates Oct 20, 2008 (iCal) - Oct 26, 2008
Homepage: www.vsmm2008.org
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
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Important dates
Abstracts: Jun 9, 2008
Submissions: Jun 30, 2008
Notification: Jul 31, 2008
Table of Contents

Those researchers who wish to participate in this event are invited to submit papers on original work addressing the following subjects or related themes:

    * Data Acquisition Technologies focusing on Photogrammetry and Laserscanning
    * 3D Data Capture and Processing in CH
    * On-site and remotely sensed data collection
    * 2D and 3D GIS in Cultural Heritage
    * CAD and FEM based Digital Reconstructions and 3D Modelling
    * Reproduction Techniques and Rapid Prototyping in CH
    * Visualisation Techniques (desktop, Virtual and Augmented Reality)
    * Virtual Reality in Archaeology and Historical Research
    * Multimedia, Multilingua, Data Management and Archiving
    * Construction and indexing of large scale Multimedia/Multilingua
    * Encyclopedias in Cultural Heritage
    * Computer Animation for CH Applications and Virtual Heritage
    * Game Technologies in Cultural Heritage
    * Non-Photorealistic Rendering of CH Data
    * Virtual Museum Applications (e-Museums and e-Exhibitions)
    * Digital/Virtual Documentation of Archaeological Excavations
    * Novel Internet-based Cultural Heritage Applications
    * Portals of Culture
    * Usability, Effectiveness and Interface Design for CH Applications
    * Innovative Graphics Applications and Techniques
    * Interactive Environments and Applications
    * e-Libraries and e-Archives in Cultural Heritage
    * National Digital Libraries as cross-domain systems
    * Long term availability of content and its long term accessibility
    * Effective IC-Technologies for the creation, management and reuse of content and knowledge
    * Storytelling and authoring tools
    * e-Learning in Cultural Heritage
    * Tools for Education, Documentation and Training in CH
    * Archaeological Analysis and Interpretive Design
    * Standards, Metadata, Ontologies and Semantic Processing in Cultural Heritage
    * Authentication, Accreditation and Digital Rights Management
    * Legal issues: Water-Marking, Orphan Works, Copyrights and IPR
    * Professional and Ethical Guidelines
    * The Economics of Cultural Informatics and Tourism
    * Natural and Man initiated deconstruction of Cultural Heritage and prevention techniques.
    * ICT assistance in monitoring and restoration

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