VLDB 2021

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VLDB 2021
47th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
Ordinal 47
Event in series VLDB
Dates 2021/08/16 (iCal) - 2021/08/20
Homepage: https://vldb.org/2021
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Important dates
Papers: 2021/03/01
Submissions: 2021/03/01
General chairs: Philippe Bonnet
PC chairs: Xin Luna Dong, Felix Naumann
Workshop chairs: Kyuseok Shim, Alexandra Meliou
Panel Chair: Susan Davidson, Theo Rekatsinas
Seminars Chair: Gautam Das, Ioana Manolescu
Demo chairs: Torsten Grust, Guoliang Li, Yuanyuan Tian
Table of Contents


The relevant themes and topics listed below are intended to serve primarily as indicators of the kinds of data-centric subjects that are of interest to PVLDB and they do not represent an exhaustive list.

  • Data mining and analytics
    • Data Warehousing, OLAP, Parallel and Distributed Data Mining
    • Mining and Analytics for Scientific and Business data, Social Networks, Time Series, Streams, Text, Web, Graphs, Rules, Patterns, Logs, and Spatio-temporal Data
  • Data Privacy and Security
    • Blockchains
    • Access Control and Privacy
  • Database Engines
    • Access Methods, Concurrency Control, Recovery and Transactions
    • Hardware Accelerators
    • Query Processing and Optimization
    • Storage Management, Multi-core Databases, In-memory Data Management
    • Views, Indexing and Search
  • Database performance
    • Tuning, Benchmarking and Performance Measurement
    • Administration and Manageability
  • Distributed Database Systems
    • Content Delivery Networks, Database-as-a-service, and Resource Management
    • Cloud Data Management
    • Distributed Analytics
    • Distributed Transactions
  • Graphs, Networks, and Semistructured Data
    • Graph Data Management, Recommendation Systems, Social Networks
    • Hierarchical, Non-relational, and other Modern Data Models
  • Information Integration and Data Quality
    • Data Cleaning, Data Discovery and Data Exploration
    • Heterogeneous and Federated DBMS, Metadata Management
    • Web Data Management and Semantic Web
    • Knowledge Graphs and Knowledge Management
  • Languages
    • Data Models and Query Languages
    • Schema Management and Design
  • Machine Learning, AI and Databases
    • Data Management Issues and Support for Machine Learning and AI
    • Machine Learning and Applied AI for Data Management
  • Novel DB Architectures
    • Embedded and Mobile Databases
    • Real-time databases, Sensors and IoT, Stream Databases
    • Crowd-sourcing
  • Provenance and Workflows
    • Profile-based and Context-Aware Data Management
    • Process Mining
  • Specialized and Domain-Specific Data Management
    • Fuzzy, Probabilistic and Approximate Data
    • Image and Multimedia Databases
    • Spatial Databases and Temporal Databases
    • Scientific and Medical Data Management
  • Text, Semi-Structured Data, and IR
    • Information Retrieval
    • Text in Databases
    • Data Extraction
  • User Interfaces
    • Database Usability
    • Visualization


Submission opens every 20th of the month. Deadline for submissions is the 1st of each month until March 2021. The authors will be notified on the 15th of the next month following the deadline.