VIVO 2019

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VIVO 2019
10th Annual International VIVO Conference 2019
Ordinal 10
Event in series VIVO
Dates 2019/09/04 (iCal) - 2019/09/06
Twitter account: @vivocollab
Submitting link:
Location: Podgorica, Montenegro
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Important dates
Submissions: 2019/05/15
Notification: 2019/06/15
Registration link:
Early bird student: $ 99 / {{{Early bird fee reduced}}}
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Early bird regular: $ 250
Organizers: Natasa Popovic
General chairs: Violeta Ilik
PC chairs: Ruben Verborgh
Table of Contents


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VIVO is member-supported, open source software and an ontology for representing scholarship. VIVO encourages showcasing the scholarly record, research discovery, expert finding, network analysis, and assessment of research impact.

VIVO is a network in which more than 140 institutions and agencies in more than 25 countries are implementing VIVO or producing VIVO-compatible data. See the VIVO site registry for a list.

The annual VIVO conference has been bringing together the VIVO community and its partners since 2010 to share the latest developments in semantic web academic profiles. Whether an experienced user, or just starting out, this is the event to attend.


  • Decentralizing and federating research (meta)data
    • Identity and information linking across VIVO and/or other systems
    • Finding information across different systems
    • Data ownership, provenance, validation, truth assessment, and linking
    • Aligning personal and institutional scholarly communication
  • Scholarly communication topics:
    • Measuring the impact of scholarly works
    • Embedding and linking data inside of scholarly works
    • Promoting open data and transparency in scholarship
    • Evaluating the impact of scholarship in or across various disciplines
  • System topics:
    • Evaluating and choosing research information systems
    • Taking your research system to the next level
    • Experiences with research systems other than VIVO
    • Enabling international systems and global scholarship
  • Use cases:
    • Success stories and lessons learned from implementation and maintenance
    • Collaborative research and team science
    • Visualizations, social networks, and recommendation engines
    • Leveraging the VIVO open source community and Duraspace in your institution
    • Using VIVO to “stand on the shoulders of giants”