UbiCC Sp. Issue 2009

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UbiCC Sp. Issue 2009
Special Issue CFP - New Technologies, Mobility and Security - UbiCC Joural
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Homepage: www.ubicc.org/Paper Call Detail.aspx?ID=6
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Table of Contents

       Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal
We are seeking research papers, technical reports, dissertation etc for these interdisciplinary areas. The goal of the UBICC journal is to publish the most recent results in the development of system aspects of ubiquitous computing. Researchers and practitioners working in this area are expected to take this opportunity to discuss and express their views on the current trends, challenges, and state of the art solutions addressing various issues in this area.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
Design and analysis of Mobile/Wireless Networks and Systems: 
Mobile 3G, 4G, LTE (Long Term Evolution), convergence (IMS, ⿦) 
Wireless Personal Area Networks and Wireless Local Area Networks (Wi-Fi, ...) 
Ad Hoc networking, Sensor networks, Self-organizing mesh networks and autonomic systems ⿢ Wireless Mesh Networks, Metropolitan Area 
Networks & regional area networks (WiMAX/802.16, 802.16e, WiMAXphase 2, WiBro, WiRAN) 
Optical networks and switching (new generation SDH, OTN) 
Satellite Systems 
Vehicular Communication Technologies and Systems 
Mobility management and Handover 
Medium Access Control & Scheduling Techniques for Wireless Systems 
Quality of Service provisioning 
Resource allocation management 
Performance evaluation 
Cross-layer network design and optimization 
Cognitive radio and smart antenna 
Testbed experiments, Mobile/Wireless Applications and Ser 
Network security, vulnerability, authentication and access control 
Network fault-tolerance & reliability, debugging & troubleshooting 
Confidentiality, Data and system integrity 
Intrusion Detection, Prediction, and Countermeasures 
Identity management and Trust management 
Privacy, contract agreements, and payment systems 
Key Distribution and management, Public key infrastructure implementation 
Mobile code security 
Security and mobility management 
Web, e-mail , m-commerce, e-business and e-commerce security 
Testbeds, performance evaluation and formal specification methods 
Virtualization for security and reliability 
New Technologies & services: 
Analysis and design of new generation systems (network architectures, protocols, network management, traffic engineering, resource management, quality of service, signalling & scheduling, ⿦) 
New generation internet, Post IP and IPv6, Carrier Grade networks, xDSL and FTTx, Power Line Communication 
Peer-to-peer, overlay, and content distribution networks 
Pervasive, Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing 
Agents and Middlewares, Agent Computing and Agent Applications 
Grid and cluster computing & Context aware computing 
Adaptation software development 
Component based software engineering &Software verification & analysis 
Web Commerce & Services, Data models, Web searching & querying 
Data Mining , XML, Query Processing & Optimization, Storage Structures & Indexing 
Web Mining & Web Semantics 
Web service based Grid computing and P2P computing Web services 
Quantum Cryptography systems 
Biometric systems 
Virtualization of systems, networks and protocols 
Virtualization technologies for grid and parallel computing 
Important Dates
Submission Deadline: 15 August, 2008   25 August, 2008   NEW

Notification of Acceptance:   10 September, 2008   20 September, 2008   NEW

Publication Date: 15 October, 2008


         For More Information:
         Managing Editor: Usman Tariq, Ajou University
         email:   usman@ubicc.org
         Visit Us: http://www.ubicc.org 

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