USENIX-Security 2020

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USENIX-Security 2020
29th Usenix Security Symposium
Event in series USENIX-Security
Dates 2020/08/12 (iCal) - 2020/08/14
Location: Boston, USA
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PC chairs: Srdjan Capkun, Franziska Roesner
Table of Contents

Symposium Overview

The USENIX Security Symposium brings together researchers, practitioners, system administrators, system programmers, and others interested in the latest advances in the security and privacy of computer systems and networks. The 29th USENIX Security Symposium will be held August 12–14, 2020, in Boston, MA, USA.

Important: The USENIX Security Symposium moved to multiple submission deadlines last year and included changes to the review process and submission policies. Detailed information is available at USENIX Security Publication Model Changes.

All researchers are encouraged to submit papers covering novel and scientifically significant practical works in computer security. The Symposium will span three days with a technical program including refereed papers, invited talks, posters, panel discussions, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions. Co-located events will precede the Symposium on August 10 and 11.

Symposium Topics Refereed paper submissions are solicited in all areas relating to systems research in security and privacy, including but not limited to:

  • System security
  • Operating systems security
  • Web security
  • Mobile systems security
  • Distributed systems security
  • Cloud computing security
  • Network security
  • Intrusion and anomaly detection and prevention
  • Network infrastructure security
  • Denial-of-service attacks and countermeasures
  • Wireless security
  • Security analysis
  • Malware analysis
  • Analysis of network and security protocols
  • Attacks with novel insights, techniques, or results
  • Forensics and diagnostics for security
  • Automated security analysis of hardware designs and implementation
  • Automated security analysis of source code and binaries
  • Program analysis
  • Data-driven security and measurement studies
  • Measurements of fraud, malware, spam
  • Measurements of human behavior and security
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies and anonymity
  • Usable security and privacy
  • Language-based security
  • Hardware security
  • Secure computer architectures
  • Embedded systems security
  • Methods for detection of malicious or counterfeit hardware
  • Side channels
  • Research on surveillance and censorship
  • Social issues and security
  • Research on computer security law and policy
  • Ethics of computer security research
  • Research on security education and training
  • Applications of cryptography
  • Analysis of deployed cryptography and cryptographic protocols
  • Cryptographic implementation analysis
  • New cryptographic protocols with real-world applications
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