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Tools Europe 2009
47th International Conference Objects, Models, Components, Patterns
Dates Jun 29, 2009 (iCal) - Jul 3, 2009
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 15, 2009
Notification: Mar 1, 2009
Camera ready due: Mar 31, 2009
Table of Contents

TOOLS EUROPE 2009 will focus on the combination of technologies that have emerged through objects and object technology becoming mainstream. TOOLS EUROPE 2009 combines an emphasis on quality with a strong practical focus.

This is the 47th TOOLS conference. Started in 1989, TOOLS conferences, held in Europe, the USA, Australia, China and Eastern Europe, have played a major role in the development of object technology field; many of the seminal concepts were first presented at TOOLS. The TOOLS series was successfully restarted in 2007.

Contributions are solicited on all aspects of object technology and neighbouring fields, in particular model-based development, component-based development, and patterns (design, analysis and other applications); more generally, any contribution addressing topics in advanced software technology fall within the scope of TOOLS. Reflecting the practical emphasis of TOOLS, contributions showcasing applications along with a sound conceptual contribution are particularly welcome.

Hereafter follows a non-exclusive list of potential topics:

    * Object technology, including object-oriented programming techniques, languages, and tools
    * Testing of object-oriented systems
    * Patterns, pattern languages, tool support for patterns
    * Distributed and concurrent object systems
    * Real-time object-oriented programming and design
    * Experience reports, including efforts at standardisation and applications to safety- and security-related software
    * Component-based programming, modelling, tools
    * Aspects and aspect-oriented programming and modelling
    * Frameworks for component-based development
    * Trusted and reliable components
    * Model-driven development and Model-Driven Architecture
    * Domain specific languages and language design
    * Tools and frameworks for supporting model-driven development

In 2009, TOOLS EUROPE will be co-located with several other events, including SEAFOOD 2008, the International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT) 2008 and the third International Conference on Tests and Proofs (TAP 2009). Details of co-located events can be found on the TOOLS web site.

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