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ASME Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition
Event in series TURBO EXPO
Dates 2019/06/17 (iCal) - 2019/06/21
Homepage: https://event.asme.org/Turbo-Expo-2019
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Keynote speaker: Janet L. Kavandi, Andrew “John” Lammas, Thomas Alley
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Plan now to join over 2,800 turbomachinery colleagues from around the world at ASME TURBO EXPO, ASME's premier turbomachinery technical conference and exposition, set for June 17 – 21, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona USA. The 3-day exhibition attracts the industry's leading professionals and key decision makers, whose innovation and expertise are helping to shape the future of the turbomachinery industry. Turbo Expo will also feature a Student Poster session inside the exhibition. Why should you attend Turbo Expo 2019?

Networking Turbo Expo 2019 is expecting over 2,800 turbomachinery professionals from around the world. Whether you are looking to land your next business deal, hire new talent, or look for your next job Turbo Expo is the event where industry movers and shakers gather. Learn the Latest Technical Trends Come to Turbo Expo 2019 learn the latest in gas turbine technology. Turbo Expo provides attendees the opportunity to gain valuable insight that they can apply in their job. Promote Your Company Turbo Expo 2019 provides the perfect opportunity to unveil your latest gas turbine related product or service. Turbo Expo attendees are motivated industry professionals that interact with gas turbines daily. Take this opportunity to talk with your target audience and stay ahead of your competition.

Facts about "TURBO EXPO 2019"
AcronymTURBO EXPO 2019 +
End dateJune 21, 2019 +
Event in seriesTURBO EXPO +
Event typeProceedings +
Has Keynote speakerJanet L. Kavandi +, Andrew “John” Lammas + and Thomas Alley +
Has coordinates33° 30' 4", -112° 1' 48"Latitude: 33.501058333333
Longitude: -112.02989722222
Has location cityPhoenix +
Has location countryCategory:USA +
Has location stateArizona +
Homepagehttps://event.asme.org/Turbo-Expo-2019 +
IsAEvent +
Start dateJune 17, 2019 +
TitleASME Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition +