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ASME Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition
Event in series TURBO EXPO
Dates 2018/06/11 (iCal) - 2018/06/15
Homepage: https://archive.asme.org/events/turbo-expo2018
Location: Oslo, Norway
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Keynote speaker: Zuo Zhi Zhao, Russel Irving, Frode Abotnes, Shawn Gregg, Pascal Decoussemaeker
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Now in its 63rd year, ASME Turbo Expo is recognized as the must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals working in the turbine industry. The technical conference has a well-earned reputation for bringing together the best and brightest experts from around the world to share the latest in turbine technology, research, development, and application in the following topic areas: gas turbines, steam turbines, wind turbines, fans & blowers, Rankine cycle, and supercritical CO2. ASME Turbo Expo offers unrivalled networking opportunities with a dedicated and diverse trade show floor. The 3-day exhibition attracts the industry's leading professionals and key decision makers, whose innovation and expertise are helping to shape the future of the turbomachinery industry and features a Student Poster Session.

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Turbo Expo 2018 highlights include:

A five-day Technical Conference that sets the world standard for turbine technology events A three-day, premium exhibition of turbine products and services supported by the industry's leading companies A dynamic keynote session featuring prominent industry leaders A value-packed registration package that includes a DVD of and online access to the final papers for technical conference registrants, access to all activities and abundant networking opportunities, including receptions and daily lunches In-depth workshops providing fundamental study on career development A poster session affording students the opportunity to present work outside of the paper sessions

Why YOU Should Come to Norway

  • Networking
  • Leading R&D
  • Industry Leaders
  • Targeted Leads
  • Fundamental Training
  • High ROI

Turbo Expo Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition Presented by the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Lillestrøm (Oslo), Norway

Conference June 11-15, 2018

Exhibition June 12-14, 2018


  • Aircraft Engine
  • Ceramics
  • Coal, Biomass, Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels
  • Combustion, Fuels & Emissions
  • Controls, Diagnostics & Instrumentation
  • Cycle Innovations
  • Education
  • Electric Power
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Heat Transfer: Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer: Numerical Internal Cooling
  • Heat Transfer: Numerical Film Cooling
  • Heat Transfer: General Experimental Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer: Tutorials
  • Heat Transfer: Internal Air Systems & Seals (with Turbomachinery)
  • Heat Transfer: Experimental Internal Cooling
  • Heat Transfer: Combustors (with Combustion, Fuels & Emissions)
  • Heat Transfer: Special Sessions
  • Heat Transfer: Experimental Film Cooling
  • Heat Transfer: Multiphysics Modeling & Optimization
  • Heat Transfer: Additive Manufacturing
  • Heat Transfer: General Computational Heat Transfer
  • Industrial & Cogeneration
  • Manufacturing Materials & Metallurgy
  • Marine
  • Microturbines, Turbochargers & Small Turbomachines
  • Oil & Gas Applications
  • Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems
  • Steam Turbines
  • Structures & Dynamics: Emerging Methods in Design & Engineering
  • Structures & Dynamics: Fatigue, Fracture & Life Prediction
  • Structures & Dynamics: Probabilistic Methods
  • Structures & Dynamics: Rotordynamics
  • Structures & Dynamics: Bearing & Seal Dynamics
  • Structures & Dynamics: Structural Mechanics, Vibration & Damping
  • Structures & Dynamics: Aerodynamic Excitation & Damping
  • Student Advisory
  • Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles
  • Turbomachinery: Axial Flow Fan & Compressor Aerodynamics
  • Turbomachinery: General Interest
  • Turbomachinery: Axial Flow Turbine Aerodynamics
  • Turbomachinery: Design Methods & CFD Modeling for Turbomachinery
  • Turbomachinery: Noise, Ducts and Interactions
  • Turbomachinery: Radial Turbomachinery Aerodynamics
  • Turbomachinery: Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery
  • Turbomachinery: Multidisciplinary Design Approaches, Optimization & Uncertainty Quantification
  • Turbomachinery: Deposition, Erosion, Fouling, and Icing
  • Wind Energy
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Career Development
  • Practical Application

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Facts about "TURBO EXPO 2018"
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Event in seriesTURBO EXPO +
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TitleASME Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition +