TMA 2009

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TMA 2009
1st Traffic Monitoring & Analysis Workshop
Dates May 11, 2009 (iCal) - May 11, 2009
Location: Aachen, Germany
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 15, 2009
Camera ready due: Feb 27, 2009
Table of Contents

Modern packet networks are highly complex and ever-evolving. Typically, in such networks, the interaction of different layers and technologies creates many situations that cannot be foreseen during the design and testing stages of technology development. Understanding, developing, and managing production networks can be difficult and expensive in practice.
Traffic monitoring and analysis (TMA) is critical in understanding telecommunication technology and operation. The lack of insight and early recognition of emerging risks and/or performance issues can expose the network infrastructure to stability, performance, and security problems.
TMA studies in wide range of production environments can be used to uncover deficiencies and identify possible optimizations. Also, it can be the basis for prevention and response in network security, as typically the detection of attacks and intrusions requires the analysis of detailed traces. Furthermore, data collection and analysis is important for generating and validating models of traffic and access patterns, which can be beneficial in performance analysis.

The TMA workshop is intended to serve as a forum for scientists and engineers in academia and industry to exchange and discuss their experiences and research results about all aspects of measurements. It will also initiate discussions on how to use measurement results for designing next generation networks. Furthermore, it aims at enhancing and accelerating the process of sharing traces, tools, and test suites.
Particular attention will be reserved to independent validation of previous studies and to papers that ensure reproducibility of the results (e.g. by publicly sharing the adopted tools and traces).
In this workshop, we would like to solicit 6-page papers that report on experiences obtained from operational wireless and wired experiments in testbeds or operational networks. Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:
* Methods for collecting and analyzing measurements in different network environments (wireless and wired infrastructures, sensor, social networks)
* Workload characterization, classification, flow-based and traffic analysis
* User mobility, traffic, channel, and topology modeling
* Predictions of user access and demand over multiple networks
* Software tools for supporting measurements and modeling
* Measurement-based inference of network properties and impact on perceived user experience
* Design of monitoring systems, sampling methods
* Traffic anomaly detection
* Measurement and monitoring of wireless networks

* Techniques for improving the repeatability of tests, benchmarks, and validation studies

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