TIR 2008

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TIR 2008
5th International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval
Dates Sep 1, 2008 (iCal) - Sep 5, 2008
Location: Turin, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: Apr 1, 2008
Notification: Apr 20, 2008
Table of Contents

"5th International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval" (TIR-08)

A Workshop in conjunction with the
19th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems
Applications, DEXA 2008,
Turin, Italy, September 1st to 5th.

Intelligent algorithms for mining and retrieval are the key technology to
cope with the information need challenges in our information-flooded
society. Methods for text-based information retrieval receive special
attention, which results from the fundamental role of written text, from the
high availability of the Internet, and from the enormous importance of Web

Advanced information retrieval and extraction is not an isolated field of
research but uses methods from different areas: machine learning, computer
linguistics and psychology, user interaction and modeling, information
visualization, Web engineering, artifical intelligence, or distributed
systems. The development of intelligent retrieval tools requires the
understanding and combination of the achievements of these areas, and in
this sense the workshop provides a common platform for presenting and
discussing new solutions.

The following list organizes classic and ongoing topics from the field of
text-based IR for which contributions are welcome:
  - Theory. Retrieval models, language models, similarity measures,
formal analysis
  - Mining and Classification. Category formation, clustering, entity
resolution, document classification
  - Web. Community mining, social network analysis, structured retrieval
from XML documents
  - NLP. Text summarization, keyword extraction, topic identification
  - User Interface. Paradigms and algorithms for information
visualization, personalization, privacy issues
  - Multilinguality. Cross-language retrieval, multilingual retrieval,
machine translation for IR
  - Evaluation. Corpus construction, experiment design, conception of
user studies
  - Semantic Web. Meta data analysis and tagging, knowledge extraction,
inference, and maintenance
  - Software Engineering. Frameworks and architectures for retrieval
technology, distributed IR

The workshop is held for the fifth time. In the past, it was always
characterized by a stimulating atmosphere, and it attracted high quality
contributions from all over the world. In particular, we encourage
participants to present research prototypes and demonstration tools of their
research ideas.

Deadline for paper submission      April 1
Notification to authors          April 20
Camera-ready copy due          May 15
Workshop opens              September 1st

Contributions will be peer-reviewed by at least two experts from the related
field. Accepted papers will be published as IEEE proceedings by IEEE CS

Benno Stein, Bauhaus University Weimar
Sven Meyer zu Eissen, Bauhaus University Weimar

Contact: benno.stein@medien.uni-weimar.de
Information about the workshop can be found at http://www.aisearch.de/tir-08

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