TICAM 2016

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TICAM 2016
International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Amazigh
Dates Nov 28, 2016 (iCal) - Nov 29, 2016
Homepage: http://tal.ircam.ma/conference/
Location: Rabat, Morocco
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Important dates
Submissions: 2016-06-01
Notification: 2016-09-30
Camera ready due: 2016-10-15
Table of Contents

The international conference on Amazigh along with information and communication technologie is a biannual event held at the Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) by Computer Science Studies, Information Systems and Communications Center (CEISIC). Since 2004, TICAM became the meeting place for scientists, researchers and professionals interested on information and communication technologies applied to natural languages, and particularly to the Amazigh language. This conference aims to highlight national and international research, to promote young researchers works, as well as to provide a representative overview of the state of the art in order to offer promising prospects for the development of this domain. The seventh edition of this conference will be an opportunity to draw a state of the art of the undertaken research in this area and to anticipate the next steps toward the integration of this research into the future society.


  • Reflection on the computerization of less resourced languages
  • Languages’ Data-processing standards
  • Language E-learning
  • Development of linguistic tools and resources (text/speech)
  • Knowledge discovery and data mining
  • Optic character recognition
  • Localization and multilingualism projects
  • Mobile application and Web development
  • Graphic Tifinagh


Important Dates


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