TEEM 2019

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TEEM 2019
7th International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality
Event in series TEEM
Dates 2019/10/16 (iCal) - 2019/10/17
Homepage: https://2019.teemconference.eu/
Location: Leon, Spain
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Papers: Submitted 215 / Accepted 148 (68.8 %)
Organizers: Miguel Ángel Conde, Camino Fernández-Llamas
General chairs: Francisco José García-Peñalvo
Table of Contents

The 7th edition of the Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM) conference will be held at León, Spain, from October 16 to 18, 2019. It is organised by the Robotics Research Group of the University of León.

List of Tracks
  • Track 1. Computational thinking and robotics in education
  • Track 2. Engineering Education addressing Professional Challenges
  • Track 3. Evaluation in education and guidance
  • Track 4. Bridging the diversity gap in STEM
  • Track 5. Learning Analytics: The End of the Beginning
  • Track 6. Merging new Technologies with Health Sciences Education and Practice
  • Track 7. Advances on Sustainable Development in Higher Education
  • Track 8. Implementation of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Researches
  • Track 9. Supercomputing education: Thinking in parallel
  • Track 10.Teacher Education for ICT integration in classroom
  • Track 11. Smart Learning
  • Track 12. Educational Innovation
  • Track 13. Uncertainty in Digital Humanities
  • Track 14. 10th International Workshop on Software Engineering for E-learning (ISELEAR’19)
  • Track 15. Communication, Education and Social Media
  • Track 16. Doctoral Consortium

Committee Conference Chair:

   Francisco José García-Peñalvo (University of Salamanca, Spain) – Chair
   Miguel Ángel Conde (University of León, Spain) – Local Chair
   Camino Fernández-Llamas (University of León, Spain) – Local Chair

Steering Committee:

   Francisco José García-Peñalvo (University of Salamanca, Spain) – Chair
   Ricardo Colomo-Palacios (Østfold University College, Norway)
   Ángel Fidalgo Blanco (Technological University of Madrid, Spain)
   David Griffiths (University of Bolton, UK)
   María José Rodríguez-Conde (University of Salamanca, Spain)
   Peter Sloep (OUNL, The Netherlands)
   Robert Tennyson (University of Minnesota, USA)

Organizing Committee:

   Francisco Jesús Rodríguez-Sedano (University of León, Spain)
   Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Lera (University of León, Spain)
   Ángel Manuel Guerrero-Higueras (University of León, Spain)
   Eloy García-Marcos (University of León, Spain)
   Gonzalo Esteban-Costales (University of León, Spain)
   Alexis Gutiérrez-Fernández (University of León, Spain)
   María del Carmen Calvo-Olivera (University of León, Spain)
   Claudia Álvarez-Aparicio (University of León, Spain)
   Jesús Balsa-Comerón (University of León, Spain)
   Razvan Raducu (University of León, Spain)
   Flavio Rodrigues-Dias (University of León, Spain)
   Alicia García-Holgado (University of Salamanca, Spain)
   Lucía García-Holgado (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Facts about "TEEM 2019"
Acceptance rate68.8 +
Accepted papers148 +
AcronymTEEM 2019 +
End dateOctober 17, 2019 +
Event in seriesTEEM +
Event typeConference +
Has coordinates42° 35' 21", -5° 33' 48"Latitude: 42.5892
Longitude: -5.5633194444444
Has coordinatorMiguel Ángel Conde + and Camino Fernández-Llamas +
Has general chairFrancisco José García-Peñalvo +
Has location cityLeon +
Has location countryCategory:Spain +
Homepagehttps://2019.teemconference.eu/ +
IsAEvent +
Start dateOctober 16, 2019 +
Submitted papers215 +
Title7th International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality +