TCS 2008

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TCS 2008
5th IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science
Dates Sep 8, 2008 (iCal) - Sep 12, 2008
Location: Milan, Italy
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Important dates
Abstracts: Mar 31, 2008
Submissions: Feb 15, 2008
Notification: Feb 8, 2008
Table of Contents

                 First Announcement and Call for Papers
 5th IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science

In conjunction with the 20th IFIP World Computer
Congress, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy

In conjunction with the 20th IFIP World Computer
Congress, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy

Scope and Topics:
TCS2008 will be composed of two distinct but interrelated
tracks: Track A on Algorithms, Complexity and Models of
Computation, and Track B on Logic, Semantics, Specification
and Verification.
Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest include:

Track A - Algorithms, Complexity and Models of
Analysis and design of algorithms; Automata and formal
languages; Cellular automata and systems; Combinatorial,
graph and optimization algorithms; Computational learning
theory; Computational complexity; Computational geometry;
Cryptography; Descriptive complexity; Evolutionary and
genetic computing; Experimental algorithms; Mobile
computing; Molecular computing and algorithmic aspects of
bioinformatics; Network computing; Neural computing;
Parallel and distributed algorithms; Probabilistic and
randomized algorithms; Quantum computing; Structural
information and communication complexity.

Track B - Logic, Semantics, Specification and
Automata theory; automated deduction; constructive and non-
standard logics in computer science; concurrency theory and
foundations of distributed and mobile computing; database
theory; finite model theory; formal aspects of program
analysis, foundations of hybrid and real-time systems; lambda
and combinatory calculi; logical aspects of computational
complexity; modal and temporal logics; model checking and
verification; probabilistic systems; logics and semantics of
programs; foundations of security; term rewriting;
specifications; type, proof and category theory in computer

Important dates:
Authors are required to submit a title and a short abstract of
about 100 words before submitting the paper. All submissions
will be electronic.
Title and abstract due: 8 February 2008
Paper due: 15 February 2008
Notification of acceptance: 31 March 2008
Copyright release due: 7 April 2008
Camera-ready papers due: 22 April 2008

Conference Co-Chairs:
Giorgio Ausiello (IT), Giancarlo Mauri (IT)

Programme Co-Chairs:
Track A: Juhani Karhumäki (FI); Track B: Luke Ong (GB)

Programme Committee:
Track A: Algorithms, Complexity & Models ofComputation
Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Santiago)
Marie-Pierre Beal (Paris)
Harry Buhrman (Amsterdam)
Xiaotie Deng (Hong Kong)
Josep Diaz (Barcelona)
Volker Diekert (Stuttgard)
Manfred Droste (Leipzig)
Ding-zhu Du (Dallas)
Juraj Hromkovic (Zurich)
Oscar Ibarra (Santa Barbara)
Pino Italiano (Rome)
Kazuo Iwama (Kyoto)
Juhani Karhumäki (Turku, chair)
Pekka Orponen (Helsinki)
George Paun (Bucharest)
Jiri Sgall (Prague)
Alexander Shen (Moscow)
Vijai Vazirani (Atlanta)
Mikhail Volkov (Ekaterinburg)
Track B: Logic, Semantics, Specification and Verification
Rajeev Alur (Pennsylvania)
Ulrich Berger (Swansea)
Andreas Blass (Ann Arbor)
Anuj Dawar (Cambridge)
Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini (Turin)
Gilles Dowek (Paris)
Peter Dybjer (Gothenburg)
Masami Hagiya (Tokyo)
Martin Hofmann (Munich)
Leonid Libkin (Edinburgh)
Huimin Lin (Beijing)
Stephan Merz (Nancy)
Dale Miller (Paris)
Eugenio Moggi (Genova)
Anca Muscholl (Bordeaux)
Luke Ong (Oxford, chair)
Davide Sangiorgi (Bologna)
Thomas Schwentick (Dortmund)
Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt)
P. S. Thiagarajan (Singapore)
Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen)

Submission instructions:
Papers presenting original research are sought. The proceedings
will be published by SSBM (Springer Science and Business
Media). All submissions, as well as camera-ready versions, are
strictly limited to 12 pages including references, in the SSBM
format. They must be in English.
The instructions for preparing the papers can be downloaded
40492-0-0- or .
Only electronic submissions will be accepted, via
Track A:
Track B:

The results must be unpublished and not submitted for
publication elsewhere, including the proceedings of other
symposia or workshops. The PC chair should be informed of
closely related work submitted to a conference or journal in
advance of submission. One author of each accepted paper will
be expected to present it at the Conference.
The submission deadlines, length limitations and formatting
instructions are firm: any submission deviating from these may
be rejected without further consideration.

TCS 2008 is organized by IFIP Technical Committee 1
(Foundations of Computer Science) and IFIP WG 2.2 (Formal
Descriptions of Programming Concepts) in association with

This CfP was obtained from WikiCFP

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