Syntactic Parameters 2008

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Syntactic Parameters 2008
CIL Workshop on Syntactic Parameters
Dates Jul 21, 2008 (iCal) - Jul 26, 2008
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Location: Seoul, Korea
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 31, 2007
Notification: Nov 30, 2007
Table of Contents

Call for Papers

Syntactic differences across languages have been regarded as the result of variation on universal principles, and this variation has been captured in terms of parameters. Among the most frequently mentioned syntactic issues in the parameter approaches are the licensing conditions of null subjects, the head-complement orders, the occurrence of certain types of overt syntactic movement. However, the notion of syntactic parameters is not uncontroversial (Uriagereka 1994, Baker 2001, Newmeyer 2004, 2005, Aronoff 2003, among others). The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum to discuss syntactic facts that either support or challenge the parameter approaches, in the Minimalist theoretical framework. In addition to the �??regular�?? mode of studies, experimental studies, acquisition studies, and sign language studies are all welcome. 

Important Dates:

August  31, 2007: Deadline for submitting the abstract.
November 30, 2007: Notification of acceptance.

Form and submission of abstracts:

An abstract(.pdf or .doc file) should be up to 3 pages long, including data and references.
The abstract should start with the title of the paper, followed by the text of the abstract.
Please do not include the author's name in the abstract. On a separate page, please give
the author's name, affiliation, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, the paper title and the session number(title).

Please send the abstract and the author's information to both and  

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