SpringSim 2009

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SpringSim 2009
Spring Simulation Conference
Dates Mar 22, 2009 (iCal) - Mar 27, 2009
Homepage: www.scs.org/confernc/springsim/springsim09/cfp/springsim09.htm
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: TBD
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Table of Contents

The 2009 Spring Simulation Multiconference (SpringSim'09) is an annual conference sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International which covers state-of-the-art developments in computer simulation technologies, as well as scientific, industrial, and business applications. Areas covered include high-performance computing technologies, models and algorithms, GUI visualization technologies, communications and much more. Application disciplines covered include advanced telecommunication; computer systems; military, government & aerospace; environment, energy, and other industries. The conference includes keynote speeches presented by technology and industry leaders, technical sessions, professional development courses and seminars, as well as vendor exhibits. Scientists, engineers, managers, educators, and business professionals who develop or use simulation tools are invited to participate and present original papers. Proposals are solicited for papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, seminars, exhibits, social activities and for other presentation, discussion and sponsorship formats. People are always welcome to benefit by taking an organizing role. SpringSim'09 offers many ways to promote simulation products and to enhance corporate images. You are invited to use the Spring Simulation Multiconference in ways that best serve your interests.

All accepted papers will also be published in the ACM Digital Library.
The following topic area conferences are tentatively scheduled:

    *  Agent-Directed Simulation (ADS)
          o General Chair: Dr. Tuncer Oren, University of Ottawa
          o Program Chairs:
                + Gregory Madey, University of Notre Dame
                + Levent Yilmaz, Auburn University
                + Dr. Maarten Sierhuis, NASA Ames Research Center
          o Publicity Chair: Dr. Yu Zhang, Trinity University
    *  42nd Annual Simulation Symposium (ANSS)
          o General Chair: Taieb Znati, University of Pittsburgh
          o Program Chair: Helen Karatza, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    *  Business and Industry Symposium (BIS)
          o General Chair: Dr. Maurice J. Ades, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, USA
          o Program Chair: Marek Zaluski, MSE Technology Applications Inc.
    *  12th Communications and Networking Simulation Symposium (CNS)
          o General Chairs:
                + Dr. Hassan Rajaei, Bowling Green State University, USA
                + Dr. Hala ElAarag, Stetson University, USA
          o Program Chair: Dr. Jin Seek Choi, Hanyang University, Seoul Korea
    *  DOD Architecture Framework Modeling (DODAF)
          o General Chair: John A. Hamilton, Jr., Auburn University
    *  High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC)
          o General Chair: Cal Ribbens, Virginia Tech
          o Program Co-Chairs:
                + Adrian Sandu, Virginia Tech
                + Will Thacker, Winthrop University
    *  18th Annual International Conference on Health Sciences Simulation (ICHSS)
          o General Co-Chairs:
                + James G. Anderson, Purdue University
                + Godefridus G. van Merode, Universiteit Maastricht
    *  Military Modeling and Simulation Symposium (MMS)
          o General Chair: Dr. Paul Roman, Royal Military College of Canada
          o Program Chair: LTC Robert Kewley, PhD, Director of Information Engineering, Systems Engineering Department, US Military Academy at West Point
    *  Symposium on Simulation of Systems Security (SSSS)
          o General Chair: Chwan-Hwa "John" Wu, Auburn University
    *  Modeling & Simulation in Education (MSE)
          o General Chairs:
                + Dr. Catherine M. Banks, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) / Old Dominion University
                + Dr. John Sokolowski, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) / Old Dominion University

    *  Modeling & Simulation in Engineering (MSEng)
          o General Chair: Dr. Andreas Tolk, Old Dominion University

The conference will also feature Poster Sessions.

Original, high-quality technical papers are solicited for review, possible presentation and subsequent publication in the conference proceedings. Abstract are strongly encouraged in advance of the final papers. All final paper submissions are to be made electronically to SCS via the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System. Include complete postal and e-mail addresses, and fax and phone numbers of corresponding author. Papers must be in English. For further instructions, please refer to the Submission Instructions in the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System web site. Confirmations will be sent to the contact author when the file has been retrieved and successfully viewed or printed. Only original unpublished material will be considered for publication. Authors should identify the area(s) in which they think their contribution would best fit, and should clearly indicate whether the submission is for a poster session or a full paper. Only papers that have not been previously published or presented are acceptable. Authors must obtain any employer, client, or government clearances before submission of the final manuscript. All conference attendees are expected to participate at their own expense.


Key Dates

see the individual topic area conferences for conference-specific Key Dates.

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