Speech Sciences in Linguistics 2008

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Speech Sciences in Linguistics 2008
Workshop on Speech Sciences in Linguistics
Dates Jul 21, 2008 (iCal) - Jul 26, 2008
Homepage: www.cil18.org/workshop/workshop 04.htm
Location: Seoul, Korea, South
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 31, 2007
Table of Contents

Call for papers

Workshop Theme: Speech Sciences in Linguistics: Non-native speech production and perception

In recent years, there has been an increasing theoretical interest in the study of non-native speech in the field of theoretical phonetics, experimental and acoustic phonetics, applied phonetics, experimental phonology and speech technology. Part of the reason comes from the implications it has on the study of native speech. Findings from the studies of non-native speech have shed light upon the research of many aspects of the native speech. The study of non-native speech has also implications on the second language education. With increasing exchange of people and culture around the world, the study of non-native speech as well as that of native speech has become an important subject that many linguists believe may contribute to improving the theory and methodology of second language education. In addition, findings from the study of non-native speech can be employed in building computer-aided language learning applications. Carefully constructed and annotated corpora of non-native speech could be used to augment and improve language learning applications in laboratory and commercial environments.

Potential topics include, but not limited to;
(1) Phonetics and phonology of non-native speech
(2) Perceptual aspects of non-native speech production
(3) Aspects of non-native speech in second language education
(4) Construction of non-native speech corpora
(5) Application of non-native speech 

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AcronymSpeech Sciences in Linguistics 2008 +
End dateJuly 26, 2008 +
Event typeWorkshop +
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Longitude: -73.987272222222
Has location citySeoul +
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Homepagehttp://www.cil18.org/workshop/workshop 04.htm +
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Start dateJuly 21, 2008 +
Submission deadlineAugust 31, 2007 +
TitleWorkshop on Speech Sciences in Linguistics +