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Solar 2008
International Conference on Molecular/Nano-Photochemistry, Photocatalysis and Solar Energy Conversion
Dates Feb 24, 2008 (iCal) - Feb 28, 2008
Location: Cairo, Egypt
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Important dates
Submissions: Oct 31, 2007
Table of Contents


We invite you and the members of your research group to join us in Egypt as we meet to discuss in an interdisciplinary sense the newest trends, break-through, discoveries and applications in photochemistry, photocatalysis, solar energy conversion, environmental aspects and related nanoscience and nanotechnology. The conference will open up channels to gain partners and innovative ideas for new collaborative scientific projects.

Attractive social/cultural and accompanying persons program will be organized.

The scientific program includes Plenary-, Keynote-, Short-Lectures and Poster presentations.

In case you intend to take part actively, please send us a note indicating your personal information; contacts as well as your preferred type of presentation and its tentative title.

Tentative Topics:

- The state of the art solar energy conversion technologies (photovoltaic, nanomaterials for efficient thermal systems of clean electric power generation) and the great complexity of the global energy scenario.

- Fundamental And Applied Aspects of Photochemistry; optical and fluorescent sensors; Nano LED�??s and OLED�??s; Photobiology; Artificial Light Harvesting Systems, Supramolecular Nanomaterials and Lithography, Polymers and Materials, etc.

- Photostability of Drugs, Sunscreens And Cosmetics.

- Nanotechnology of Energy Conversion Devices.

- Semiconductor Nanoparticles For Solar Light Energy Conversion: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.

- Clean Fuels; Generation and Storage.

- Photocatalysis and Applications in: [Drinking Water, Industrial Wastewater And Reuse, Agricultural Hazardous, Self-Cleaning Building Construction Nanomaterials: Photocatalytic Glass; Windows; Paints; Ceramics, Etc.]

- Second-Generation Photocatalytic Nanomaterials; Carbon Nanomaterials.

- Environmental and Medical Impact of Photochemical Singlet Oxygen Generation

- Advanced Oxidation Technologies For Treatment of Water, Air And Soil.

1] Abstract Deadline: October 31, 2007

A detailed program will be announced in due time.

2] Invited Speakers and Oral Presentations [Incomplete List]:

- Carlo Adamo (France) KN

Molecular Spintronic from a theoretical point of view

-Triantafyllos Albanis (Greece)

a- TiO2 photocatalytic decomposition of the biocides chlorothalonil and dichlofluanid [L]

b- TiO2 mediated photocatalytic degradation of the pharmaceutical agent diclofenac: Kinetics and mechanistic investigations [P]

- Detlef Bahnemann (Germany) PL

Photocatalysis in Europe: Research Issues, Industrial Products and Standardized Activity Measurements

- Jean-Marc Chovelon (France)

TiO2 photocatalysis for removal of pesticides in gas phase

- Ulrike Diebold (U.S.A.) KN

The surfaces of titanium dioxide -- a key material in photocatalysis and solar energy conversion

- Leif A. Eriksson (Sweden) PL

Molecular photochemistry in medicine - results from computational modelling

- Jordi Fraxedas (Spain)

Physical properties of thin films of molecular organic materials

- Masamichi Fujihira (Japan) KN

Molecular devices for photoelectric conversion

- Gy�?z�? Garab (Hungary)

Natural and artificial multilamellar systems containing light-harvesting antenna complexes

- Martin Green (Australia) PL

Advanced tandem and hot carrier solar cells based on silicon quantum dots in dielectric matrices

- Jean-Marie Herrmann (France) PL

Present and Future Challenges in Photocatalysis

- Jerzy Karpiuk (Poland)

Ultrafast intramolecular charge separation in spiro-systems

- Yong-Rok Kim (Korea)

Manipulation of Energetic Properties in Nanodomain

 - Sylvie Lacombe (France) KN

Singlet Oxygen Generation for Environmental and Bactericidal Treatments

- Shigeo Murata and M. Tachiya (Japan) KN

Two-dimensional free energy surfaces for electron transfer reactions in solution

- Werner Nau (Germany) KN

Metal-Assisted Photocatalysis with Macrocycles

- Michael Oelgemoeller (Ireland) KN

Solar Photochemistry: The Synthesis of Fine-Chemicals with Sunlight; including a tribute to Prof. Alexander Schoenberg

- Soo Young Park (Korea) KN

Highly Luminescent Organic Nanoparticles and Nanowires

- Yuri Pleskov (Russia)

Photoelectrochemical Properties of a Nanomaterial: Undoped CVD Diamond

Films Vacuum-Annealed at 1775 - 1915

- Nino Russo (Italy) KN

On the performance of TD-DFT in the electronic characterization of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy

- Markus Sauer (Germany) KN

Optical single-molecule photoswitches and waveguides

- Anatoly Tsygankov (Russia) KN

Hydrogen photoproduction by immobilized purple bacteria using artificial and real fermentation broth

- Veronica Vaida (U.S.A.) KN

Recent results of some Solar Projects

- A. Vlcek, Jr. (UK) KN

Probing Medium Relaxation Dynamics with Re(L)(CO)3(a-diimine) Complexes

- Kyung B. Yoon (Korea) PL

Quantum Confinement Effects of 1D and 2D Titanates and Novel Solar Cells

- Minjoong Yoon (Korea) PL

Surface modifications and optoelectronic characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles: Design of new photo-electronic materials

- Klaas Zachariasse (Germany) KN

New aspects of intramolecular charge transfer

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