Società 2009

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Società 2009
Owning the mind - Eigentum Geist
Dates 2009/11/20 (iCal) - 2009/11/22
Location: Vienna, Austria
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Important dates
Submissions: 2009/05/31
Table of Contents

Owning the Mind: Eigentum Geist Vienna, 20.11. – 22.11.2009

In post-industrial societies, knowledge is increasingly considered as resource and treated as capital. The addition of knowledge, which is connected with human evolution has mutated into an explosion. Considering technological possibilities that seem to be nearly omni-potent many questions arise in reference to value and veracity within the floods of information. And as it is everywhere, one question sticks out: Who is in charge?

How does society handle information? Who is allowed to create knowledge, how is it recorded, how is it passed on - and above all: Who owns it? Is there such a thing as intellectual property? And if yes: Does society have the right to access the individual‘s intellectual property?

Keynote Speakers:

Norbert Bachleitner: A Record of the Records of Banned Books. (A database of Austrian book bans 1795-1848)

Nikolaus Forgó: Res facti, non iuris? Ein Versuch über die Makularisierung des Rechts in der Informationsgesellschaft

Bettina Kann: Digitale Archivierung - Webarchivierung auf der österreichischem Nationalbibliothek

Guido Kucsko: Geistiges Eigentum: Förderer oder Hemmschuh der Kreativität?

We welcome papers (lectures à 20 minutes, publication in the Società‘s yearbook) of all scientific fields dealing with the following questions:

Managing Knowledge (economic basis of research, education politics, university management et al.) Monopolies of information transfer Censorship Internet & Law Intellectual Property – Copyrights & Patents Organisation of libraries and archives Digital Data – storage, safety, (mis)use

Please send short CVs and abstracts (500 words) until May 31st 2009 to Paul Ferstl at

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