SmartMat 2008

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SmartMat 2008
Smart/Intelligent Materials and Nano Technology
Dates Mar 12, 2008 (iCal) - Mar 15, 2008
Homepage: info.php
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Important dates
Submissions: Jan 18, 2008
Notification: Feb 15, 2008
Table of Contents

Introduction to the Conference

        The interdisciplinary area of smart materials and structures is developing very rapidly with a significant market growth.  It is inevitable that both scientific advances and industrial applications will play important roles in determining future technologies. At SmartMat-�??08, the emphasis is therefore placed on nanotechnology-related topics, micro-fabrication of smart materials and devices, and environment-responsive materials  The program will consist of a number of invited and contributed papers.  It is expected that this conference will bring together scientists, engineers and industrialists interested in the recent developments in smart/intelligent materials.

Scope of Conference

       The main theme of the conference is to demonstrate smart/intelligent materials in actual applications and to interrelate the technology of these materials with that of nanomaterials. The scope ranges from basic materials science, physics and chemistry, to system-level evaluation of smart structures and the development and modeling of new actuation and sensing techniques for adaptive structures.

Topics include (but not limited to)

-Piezoelectric ceramics/polymers

-Magnetostrictive materials

-Shape memory alloys

-Actuators and sensors

-Smart structural materials and composites

-Electrooptic, optomechanical and other photonic systems

-MEMS- and NEMS-based actuators and sensors

-Carbon and other nanotubes

-Semiconducting and metallic nanowires

-New nano- and micromaterials

-Molecular nanotechnology

-Biomedical/bioresponsive materials

-Speciality polymers with controlled microstructures

-Other smart materials


IWOFM-2 Workshop

Scope of Workshop

     The IWOFM-2 Workshop will run concurrently with SmartMat-�??08 but with its own pre-set programme of invited lectures.  However, participants to SmartMat-�??08 are welcome to attend any of the Workshop lectures that may interest them.   The main aim of the Workshop is to review the recent developments in functional materials and nanomaterials through a series of lecture-type rather than research-type presentations.  The Workshop will be especially useful for teachers, researchers and students who are relatively new to this field.


- Photonic and optoelectronic materials

- Biomedical materials

- Magneticmaterials

- Catalyticmaterials

- Nanomaterials

- Thin andthick films

- Organic,hybrid and composite materials

We wish to thank the following sponsors for their support.

    * Commission on Higher Education, Thailand
    * National Metal and MaterialsTechnologyCenter(MTEC), Thailand
    * The Thailand Research Fund
    * International Center for Materials Research (UCSB)

Important Dates

Deadline for abstract submission  
18 January 2008

Confirmation of abstract acceptance
15 February 2008

Deadline for advance registration
29 February 2008

Confirmation of registration
14 March 2008

Final program and schedule
31 March 2008

Deadline for full paper submission
23 April 2008

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