Science in Society 2011

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Science in Society 2011
Third International Conference on Science in Society 2011
Event in series Science in Society Conference
Dates 2011/08/05 (iCal) - 2011/08/07
Location: Washington, D.C., USA
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Science in Society Conference 2011

5 August -7 August 2011

The Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA

The conference invites participants from a range of disciplines and professional areas to explore the relationship between science and its contexts and implications, including the cultural, social, ethical, and political.

Keywords: multidisciplinary, physical and life sciences, social science, sport science, biology, biodiversity, chemistry, health and medicine, earth sciences, environment, physics, genetics, history, medical ethics, medicine, history of science, sociology of science, science studies

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Start dateAugust 5, 2011 +
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