SWEiP 2009

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SWEiP 2009
Software Engineering in Practice (at ICSE 2009)
Dates May 20, 2009 (iCal) - May 21, 2009
Homepage: www.cs.uoregon.edu/events/icse2009/calls/SEIP
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Important dates
Abstracts: Oct 10, 2008
Submissions: Oct 10, 2008
Table of Contents

Call for Papers: Software Engineering in Practice Track at ICSE 2009



Software Engineering in Practice is a track at the
(ICSE 2009, May 16-24, 2009 http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/events/icse2009)

Call for "Software Engineering in Practice" Papers 

The "Software Engineering in Practice" Track at ICSE 2009 will be a 
two-day track oriented towards reports of applying software 
engineering in practice and experience related to application. 

We are inviting for this track experience reports from practitioners 
on new advances in software engineering methods, practices or tools. 

If your team or company has developed new insights, both positive 
or negative, into new tools methods or practices in software engineering, 
for example in agile methods, service oriented architecture, 
concurrency, value-based approaches, and if you think that the lessons 
you have learned from experience are valuable for the software 
engineering community, please consider contributing to this track.

A contribution should consist of a brief explanation of the method, 
practice, or tool in question, a description of the context and 
particulars in which you have experience, the results you've achieved, 
and the lessons you and your organization have learned relative 
to this method, practice or tool, its applicability, its effectiveness, or 
insights on how to further improve it.

In particular, the content must be practical and relevant, 
and be presented in a well-documented and thorough manner. 

We provide here an outline (thanks to Alistair Cockburn for the 
bulk of it) of aspects that are relevant for an experience report. 
Please use this as a guide in the writing of your paper. 
1. Context - provide sufficient background and setting so that the reader 
can understand whether the experience will/won't transfer to his/her situation..
2. Goal/assignment - what was supposed to be built or accomplished.
3. How things went at the beginning. 
4. What went wrong or was unsatisfactory.
5. How the team changed to repair this. 
(6. What went wrong next with that idea.)
(7. How the team changed to repair that.)
8. What happened finally. 
9. How you, the author, feel about this now; what you consider was 
transferrable to your next situation, or would omit the next time.

We explicitly aim to acquire submissions from both the industrial 
practitioners that are able to convey their practical and relevant 
approaches in a well-structured and useful way, as well as academics 
whose work is relevant to the practitioner.

The track will be a mix of peer-reviewed presentations and invited speakers.

Submission Deadline
Submission Deadline: Oct. 10, 2008

How to Submit
Submission will be via Cyberchair. 

Upon notification of acceptance, all authors of accepted papers will 
be asked to complete an IEEE Copyright form and will receive further 
instructions for preparing their camera ready versions. 
At least one author of the paper is expected to present the results at
the ICSE 2009 conference. All accepted contributions will be published
in the conference proceedings, which will also be available electronically.
Program Committee Co-Chairs
Philippe Kruchten, University of British Columbia, Canada
Frances Paulisch, Siemens AG, Germany

Programme Committee
Mikio Aoyama, Nanzan University
Rob Austin, Harvard Business School
Jan Bosch, Intuit
Keith Braithwaite, Zuhlke
Frank Buschmann, Siemens
Peter Eeles, IBM
Hakan Erdogmus, National Research Council of Canada
Robert L. Glass, independent
Christine Grimm, SAP
Peter Hruschka, Atlantic Systems Guild
Ingolf Krueger, UC San Diego
Marek Leszak, Alcatel-Lucent
Mingshu Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tom Lonski, Jeppesen
Andrew Lyons, WindRiver Systems
Jas Madhur, Sierra Systems
Grigori Melnik, Microsoft
Linda Northrop, Software Engineering Institute
Henk Obbink, Philips
Ulf Olsson, Ericsson 
Eltjo Poort, Logica
Dan Pritchett, ebay
Art Pyster, Stevens Institute
Bran Selic, Malina Software
Erik Simmons, Intel
Drasko Sotirovski, Raytheon
Thomas Stauner, BMW
Wolfgang Strigel, independent
Markus Voelter, independent
David Weiss, Avaya 
Eoin Woods, Barclays Global Investors

URL:  http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/events/icse2009/calls/SEIP/

E-mail contact for questions: icse_sweip@yahoo.de

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