SWEA 2008

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SWEA 2008
Engineered Applications of Semantic Web at KES
Dates Sep 3, 2008 (iCal) - Sep 3, 2008
Homepage: sisinflab.poliba.it/kes2008
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
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Important dates
Submissions: Mar 3, 2008
Table of Contents

Since the cornerstone article "The Semantic Web" by Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila, thanks to the conjunction of both academic and industrial efforts, many theoretical results have been produced, languages and technologies implemented, frameworks proposed and scenarios hypothesized in order to go from a "web of links" towards a "web of meanings". In spite of an initial skepticism about the Semantic Web initiative, promising prototypes and tools have been developed, both exploiting and boosting Semantic Web technologies.
Usefulness of Semantic Web technologies is now commonly acknowledged and the offsprings of the basic initiative are increasingly widespread in a variety of application fields, encompassing information retrieval, ubiquitous computing, e-commerce, Web service discovery and composition, data integration, multimedia, social networking, healthcare, among many others.
The contribution of Semantic Web researches to these various fields basically lies in making information structured and interoperable and therefore really machine understandable, thus providing means for machines to somehow automatically "reason" on such information.
As Semantic Web technologies permeate increasingly large application fields, new issues emerge. They include easily creating and managing Semantic Web content, making applications more robust and scalable, devising innovative and useful reasoning services.
Relevant applications and scenarios include, among others:

    * machine learning and the semantic web
    * recommender sytstmes
    * semantic matchmakers
    * semantic web portals
    * semantic social networks
    * semantic web services
    * ontology mappers and mergers
    * ontology browsers
    * e-science
    * e-business
    * e-commerce, e-negotiation, e-marketplace
    * e-learning
    * folksonomies and collaborative tagging
    * semantic based multimedia sources categorization and classification
    * supply chain management
    * semantic-based user interfaces
    * PIM, user profiling
    * mobile computing
    * ubiquitous computing

The aim of this KES'08 session is to gather researchers from various fields in order to present the most prominent engineered prototypes and tools successfully exploiting semantic web technologies and approaches. They must be able either to solve issues that would be unfeasible / much harder without semantics or to help the development and circulation of Semantic Web related technologies as well as to be reused in different contexts (not necessarily the web).

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Papers are invited from authors with interests on the indicated scope and related areas of application. The conference proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in Lecture Notes in AI as part of the LNCS/LNAI series. When formatting papers, please refer to the Springer-Verlag web site, and strictly follow the Instructions to LNCS Authors. Please note that the required paper length is eight pages in Springer format. Papers longer than this will be subject to a penalty charge. Papers very much longer or shorter than the required length may be rejected.

To ensure high quality, all papers will be thoroughly reviewed by the SWEA Programme Committee. Papers may be rejected without being sent to the reviewers if they are too long. Papers may be rejected without being reviewed if it is judged that they do not lie sufficiently within the scope of the conference.

The papers will be scheduled for presentation either orally or by poster, depending on their attributes, author preferences and referee recommendations. Please note that poster presentations are regarded as being of equal importance to oral presentations.

All papers for KES2008 must be submitted in electronic form using the PROSE software review system. Click here for the PROSE Paper Submission and Login page.

All oral and poster papers must be presented by one of the authors who must register for the conference and pay the fee. Authors are not encouraged to submit multiple papers, and authors will be restricted to one paper per registration.
Extended versions of selected papers will be considered for publication in the KES Journal (International Journal of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems) published by IOS Press, see KES Journal

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The proposed schedule of important dates for the session is as follows:

    * March 03, 2008 Submission dealine
    * April 11, 2008 Notification of acceptance
    * April 18, 2008 Camera-ready Due

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    * Roberto Basili - University of Tor Vergata - Italy
    * Bettina Berendt - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Belgium
    * Paolo Bouquet - University of Trento - Italy
    * Floriana Esposito - University of Bari - Italy
    * Andreas Hotho - University of Kassel - Germany
    * Tomasz Kaczmarek - Poznan University of Economics - Poland
    * Freddy Lecue - Orange-France Telecom - France
    * Pasquale Lops - University of Bari - Italy
    * Roberto Pirrone - University of Palermo - Italy
    * Michele Ruta - Technical University of Bari - Italy
    * Oreste Signore - W3C Office in Italy/CNR - Italy
    * Giovanni Tummarello - DERI Galway - Ireland

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    University of Bari (Università degli Studi di Bari)
    Bari, Italy
    tel : +39 080 544 2276
    fax : +39 080 544 3196
    mail: degemmis@di.uniba.it
Tommaso DI NOIA
    Technical University of Bari (Politecnico di Bari)
    Bari, Italy
    tel : +39 080 5963903
    fax : +39 080 5963410
    mail: t.dinoia@poliba.it
    Technical University of Bari (Politecnico di Bari)
    Bari, Italy
    tel : +39 080 5963903
    fax : +39 080 5963410
    mail: disciascio@poliba.it
    University of Bari (Università degli Studi di Bari)
    Bari, Italy
    tel : +39 080 544 2140
    fax : +39 080 544 3196
    mail: semeraro@di.uniba.it

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