SPM-1 2016

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SPM-1 2016
Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling 2016
Event in series SPM
Dates 2016/06/20 (iCal) - 2016/06/24
Homepage: http://igs2016.mi.fu-berlin.de/spm2016/
Location: Berlin, Germany
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Papers: Submitted 62 / Accepted 19 (30.6 %)
PC chairs: Mario Botsch, Stefanie Hahmann, Scott Schaefer
PC members: Carolina Beccari, Dominique Bechmann, Mirela Ben-Chen, Michel Bercovier, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Wim Bronsvoort
Keynote speaker: CristianoCecca, TimDavis, Rinus Roelof, Martin Rump, Henry Segerma
Table of Contents



*     3D Fabrication/printing/manufacturing technologies
*     Anisotropic/heterogeneous/composite materials
*     Applied algebraic and differential geometry
*     Applied computational geometry and topology
*     Conceptual, collaborative, and distributed design
*     Curve, surface, and manifold modeling
*     Dimensioning and tolerancing
*     Feature modeling, recognition, and understanding
*     Geometric and topological representations
*     Geometric constraint solving and parametric modeling
*     Geometric interpolation and smoothing
*     Geometry generation and processing
*     Geometry compression and transmission
*     Isogeometric and finite element analysis
*     Meshing and mesh optimization
*     Multi-resolution modeling
*     Numerical analysis of geometric algorithms
*     Physically-based modeling and simulation
*     Product data exchange, standards, and interoperability
*     Reverse engineering/reconstruction of surfaces/solids
*     Robustness and validity of geometric computations
*     Shape modeling, synthesis, and analysis