SPIE Biometrics 2009

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SPIE Biometrics 2009
Biometric Technology for Human Identification VI
Dates Apr 13, 2009 (iCal) - Apr 17, 2009
Homepage: spie.org/x6770.xml
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
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Important dates
Submissions: Sep 29, 2008
Notification: Dec 1, 2008
Camera ready due: Jan 26, 2009
Table of Contents

Biometrics is the science of establishing human identity based on the physical and  behavioral characteristics of an individual such as fingerprints, iris, face, voice, hand geometry, gait, etc. Reliable automatic recognition of humans is a very important topic in a number of law enforcement (e.g., criminal investigation), government (e.g., border control), and commercial (e.g., logical and physical access control) applications. With increased emphasis on national and global security, there is a growing and urgent need to automatically identify humans both locally and remotely on a routine basis. Biometrics is a rapidly evolving field that engages the research of multiple disciplines including pattern recognition, computer vision, image analysis, signal processing, statistics, computer security, etc. The purpose of this conference is to provide a scientific forum for researchers, engineers, system architects, and designers to report recent advances in this important area of human identification using biometrics. Suggested topics for presentation include, but are not  limited to:

Biometric Theory
* pattern recognition
* computer vision
* image processing
* statistical analysis

fingerprint and palmprint
* face (grayscale, color, multispectral, 3D, video, etc.)
* iris and retina
* hand geometry
* speech
* signature/handwriting
* gait
* key stroke dynamics
* vascular patterns
* multimodal biometrics

Biometric System Design and Evaluation
* sensor design and data acquisition
* scalable identification architectures
* real-time embedded biometric systems
* integration with smart cards
* template aging
* system interoperability
* performance evaluation
* individuality assessment
* biometric databases

Biometric Security and Privacy
* liveness (spoof) detection
* template protection
* cancelable templates
* encryption and watermarking
* security analysis
* privacy issues

Biometric Applications
* travel and transportation
* border control
* homeland security
* access control
* airport security
* law enforcement
* e-authentication
* forensics

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