SMART 2017

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SMART 2017
SMART 2017 : Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching
Dates 2017/09/08 (iCal) - 2017/09/09
Location: Timisoara, Romania
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/08/10
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SMART 2017 – Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching is an international conference that brings together specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Social Media, and Education, in order to create a proper environment for debates regarding the use of new technologies, especially the intelligent systems, and of the most creative strategies in research, higher education and other fields. The acronym SMART was also used in the previous editions of the conference Bacau – 2013, Timisoara – 2014 and Voronet (Gura Humorului) – 2015, when it stood for “Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching”. Since our conference in 2016, held in Timisoara, the acronym SMART is used for “Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching”.

This year the conference will focus on the topics related to our academic journal, BRAIN – Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (indexed in Web of Science).

The papers of SMART 2017 will be published in this journal. BRAIN provides researchers and clinicians with the finest original contributions in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and neuroscience. It is indexed in Web of Science (by Clarivate Analytics, formerly known as Thomson-Reuters).

      • Important Dates/Deadlines****

August 10: abstract submission and conference registration (including payment) September 8, 9: Conference dates December 15: Camera-ready papers

      • Topics***

Ant systems, Artificial Immune Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial vision., Bayesian Networks, Behavioral Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cellular Neuroscience, Chaos theory, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Robotics, Cognitive Science, Computational Neuroscience, Cybernetics, Data Mining, Economic sciences, Education, ELearning, Electrophysiology, Evolutionary robotics, Expert systems, Facial recognition, Fuzzy systems,Genetic Algorithms, Genetics, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Informatics, Knowledge representation, Linguistics, Logic, Mathematics, Mental simulation, Molecular biology, Multiagent systems, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Neurodiversity, Neuroethics, Neuroimaging, Neurology, Neurophenomenology, Neurophysiology, Neurosurgery, Optical Character Recognition, Pattern recognition, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Political sciences, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Psychology, Sociology, Speech recognition, Statistics, Theories of Learning a.o.

      • Participation fee***

25 euro per virtual participant / 50 euro per participant in person Publication and Web of Science indexing: 75 euro per paper (reduced fee, 50% from the price on the journal website) At least one author (per paper) must register at participant (virtual or in person)

      • Registration***

You can register until August 10, 2017 You have to fill the registration form and send it together with your abstract by e-mail to The final papers can be sent after the day of the conference (by December 15, 2017) and the authors also benefit from the possibility of having them indexed in Web of Science.

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