SEKE 2016

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SEKE 2016
28th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
Event in series SEKE
Dates 2016/07/01 (iCal) - 2016/07/03
Location: Redwood City, California, USA
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Important dates
Papers: 2016/05/17
Submissions: 2016/03/17
Camera ready due: 2016/05/10
General chairs: Haiping Xu
PC chairs: Shihong Huang, Oscar Pereira, Angelo Perkusich
Keynote speaker: Craig Stephens, Iaakov Exman
Table of Contents



  • Software Engineering Methodologies
  • Agent-based software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence approaches to software engineering
  • Component-based software engineering
  • Embedded and ubiquitous software engineering
  • Aspect-based software engineering
  • Empirical software engineering
  • Search-Based Software engineering
  • Automated software design and synthesis
  • Automated software specification
  • Computer-supported cooperative work
  • Automated software specification
  • Automated software design and synthesis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Software Engineering Techniques and Production Perspectives
  • Requirements engineering
  • Software analysis, design and modeling
  • Software maintenance and evolution
  • Software engineering tools and environments
  • Software engineering decision support
  • Software design patterns
  • Software product lines
  • Process and workflow management
  • Reflection and metadata approaches
  • Program understanding and system maintenance
  • Software domain modeling and analysis
  • Software economics
  • Multimedia and hypermedia software engineering
  • Software engineering case study and experience reports
  • Enterprise software, middleware, and tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligent methods, models, techniques
  • Artificial life and societies
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Smart Spaces
  • Autonomic computing and agent-based systems
  • Autonomic computing
  • Adaptive Systems
  • Agent architectures, ontologies, languages and protocols
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Agent-based learning and knowledge discovery
  • Interface agents
  • Agent-based auctions and marketplaces
  • Secure mobile and multi-agent systems
  • Mobile agents
  • SOA and Service-Oriented Systems
  • Service-centric software engineering
  • Service oriented requirements engineering
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Middleware for service based systems
  • Service discovery and composition
  • Service level agreements
  • (drafting, negotiation, monitoring and management)
  • Runtime service management
  • Semantic web
  • Data modeling, mining and data analytics
  • Data modeling, aggregation, integration, and transformation
  • Web and text mining
  • Data mining methods, techniques, and tools
  • Data analytics modeling and algorithms
  • Patterns and frameworks
  • Data visualization
  • Knowledge systems and engineering
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Knowledge-based and expert systems
  • Knowledge representation and retrievals
  • Knowledge engineering tools and techniques
  • Time and knowledge management tools
  • Knowledge modeling, integration, transformation, and management,
  • Uncertainty knowledge management
  • Knowledge visualization
  • Mobile computing and mobile system engineering
  • Mobile App design and development
  • Innovative mobile applications
  • Pervasive computing
  • Mobile system validation and test automation
  • Software & System Quality of Service
  • Soft computing
  • Software and system testing methods
  • Quality assurance process, standards, and systems
  • Software safety systems
  • Software test automation and tools
  • Software dependability, reliability, scalability
  • Software & System Security
  • Software and system security and privacy
  • Mobile app security and privacy
  • Encryption methods and tools
  • Security service systems
  • Cloud, sensor cloud and mobile cloud security
  • Mobile system integrity, security, and fault tolerance
  • Emergent Topics
  • Cloud computing and Innovative cloud-based application systems
  • Mobile cloud computing and application services
  • Big data analytics application systems
  • Innovative sensing cloud and systems
  • Large-scale cyber systems
  • IOT and smart city application systems
  • Big data quality validation
  • Big data application quality services
  • Smart learning and innovative education systems
  • Learning software design engineering
  • Smart learning methods and environments
  • Online learning systems
  • Mobile enabled learning systems and tools