SCN 2018

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SCN 2018
11th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks
Event in series SCN
Dates 2018/09/05 (iCal) - 2018/09/07
Location: Amalfi, Italy
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Papers: Submitted 66 / Accepted 30 (45.5 %)
General chairs: Roberto De Prisco
PC chairs: Dario Catalano
PC members: Elena Andreeva, Manuel Barbosa, Carlo Blundo, Jean-Sebastien Coron, Mario Di Raimondo, Léo Ducas
Keynote speaker: Huijia (Rachel) Lin, Eike Kiltz
Table of Contents



All topic areas related to cryptography and information security are of interest and in scope. Suggested topics include but are not restricted to:

*     Anonymity and Privacy 
*     Applied Cryptography and Implementations 
*     Authentication, Identification and Access Control 
*     Block and Stream Ciphers 
*     Complexity-Theoretic Cryptography 
*     Cloud Computing Security 
*     Cryptanalysis 
*     Cryptocurrencies 
*     Cryptographic Hash Functions 
*     Cryptographic and Security Protocols 
*     Digital Signatures and Message Authentication Codes 
*     Distributed Systems Security 
*     Formal Security Methods 
*     Information-Theoretic Security 
*     Network, Web and Wireless Security 
*     Public-Key Encryption 
*     Physical Cryptography 
*     Security Architectures and Models 
*     Software and Systems Security