SCDM 2017 : Sixth Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management (2017)

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SCDM 2017 : Sixth Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management (2017)
SCDM 2017 : Sixth Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management (2017)
Dates 2017/12/11T12:00:00 (iCal) - 2017/12/14T12:00:00
Location: Boston, MA
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Important dates
Submissions: 2017/10/01T12:00:00
Table of Contents

CALL FOR PAPERS Scalable Cloud Data Management Workshop 2017 Co-located with the IEEE Big Data 2017 Workshop Website:


WORKSHOP The Sixth Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management is co-located with the IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2017 and tackles the manifold new topics in the area of cloud data management. The workshop is focused on new research challenges for scalable databases and data processing in the context of cloud computing.

MOTIVATION The increasing adoption of cloud computing for databases and data services introduces a variety of new research challenges. To leverage elastic cloud resources, scalability has to be a fundamental architectural design trait of these new cloud databases. This challenge has manifested in new data models (“NoSQL”), replication, caching and partitioning schemes, relaxed consistency and transaction guarantees as well as new protocols, APIs and storage services. This workshop invites submissions about new technologies enabling databases for cloud environments and offering them as services (Database-as-a-Service). We solicit research on novel database designs and their distribution and storage mechanisms as well as scalable data and data-processing services. The application side of cloud databases is equally important, as it might impose new programming models, APIs and web-enabled interfaces. We are convinced that bringing together cloud computing, service design and data architectures in this workshop will contribute to this exciting new field.

TOPICS OF INTEREST The topics of this workshop include, but are not limited to: -Database as a Service, Multi-tenancy -Elasticity and Scalability for Cloud Data Management Systems -New Protocols, Service Interfaces and Data Models for Cloud Databases -Polyglot Persistence, NoSQL, Schemaless Data Modeling, Integration -Data-Centric Web-Services, RESTful Data Services -Database Architectures for Mobile and Web Clients -Content Delivery Networks, Caching, Load-Balancing, Web-scale workloads -Virtualization for Cloud databases, Storage Structures and Indexing -Frameworks and Systems for Parallel and Distributed Computing -Scalable Machine Learning, Analytics and Data Science -Resource and Workload Management in Cloud Databases -Tunable and Eventual Consistency, Latency -High Availability, Reliability, Failover -Transactional Models for Cloud Databases -Query Languages and Processing, Programming Models -Consistency, Replication and Partitioning -CAP, Data Structures and Algorithms for Eventually Consistent Stores

IMPORTANT DATES Oct 01, 2017: Due date for full workshop papers submission Nov 01, 2017: Notification of paper acceptance to authors Nov 15, 2017: Camera-ready of accepted papers Dec 11-14 2017: SCDM Workshop

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Research papers submitted to SCDM should present original completed or ongoing research in the areas of cloud data management as listed above. Submitted papers have a length of up to 10 pages in the IEEE 2-column format. For templates and details, please visit

The workshop proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press.


Chaired by Norbert Ritter, University of Hamburg Felix Gessert, University of Hamburg

Contact Email to: or via the website

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