SBMW 2008

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SBMW 2008
Stony Brook Modeling Week
Dates Jun 2, 2008 (iCal) - Jun 6, 2008
Location: Stony Brook, NY, USA
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Important dates
Abstracts: Nov 27, 2007
Submissions: Dec 4, 2007
Table of Contents

 General Information

Ever since its inception in 1991, the ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications has become a primary venue and international forum for disseminating research results and exchanging new ideas in relevant mathematical theory, representation and creation of digital models, geometric and solid modeling, physical modeling, geometric design, analysis, simulation and processing, shape computing and visualization, and various applications. Earlier research results were primarily focused on mathematical foundations as well as the theoretical, algorithmic, procedural, and geometric tools that produce and exploit unambiguous representations for solid and surface geometry. The research community of solid and physical modeling continues to seek high quality, original research contributions that strive to advance solid modeling, geometric modeling, and geometric algorithms and computation in design, analysis and manufacturing, as well as in biomedical, geophysical, digital entertainment, and other application areas. ACM SPM'08 is co-sponsored by ACM and IEEE (pending), and in cooperation with SIAM.

Besides the domain, accuracy, and effectiveness issues of solid representations and algorithms. Modeling solids necessarily entails not only modeling their geometric shape and rich appearance, but also their physical properties and dynamic behaviors. To emphasize this broader scope, This conference series had expanded the name of the Symposium to ACM Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium (abbreviated SPM) in 2005. To meet these goals, we also encourage submissions dealing with the analysis, simulation, modeling, and animation of the behavior of objects and their properties as functions of space and time, possibly in response to interactions with a human user or the virtual environment. As the field of Solid and Physical Modeling is broadening and advancing, we also wish to promote its impact on important application areas including (but not limited to): biomedical and imaging applications, physical simulation and design, analysis, and manufacturing.

This highly successful conference series bring together prominent researchers, key practitioners, and students to present and discuss new research ideas and results in Solid and Physical Modeling. SPM'08 will be run in plenary sessions (no parallel tracks) from Monday June 2 to Wednesday June 4, 2008. SPM'08 will be immediately followed by the International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications 2008 (SMI'08), to be held in Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, USA, on June 4-6, 2008. Both SPM'08 and SMI'08 events will be co-located in Stony Brook University, and are parts of the 2008 Stony Brook Modeling Week that features International Joint Convention on Shapes and Solids (ICSS'08). Stony Brook Modeling Week will be hosted by the Center for Visual Computing (CVC) and Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University and will be chaired by Professor Hong Qin.

Conference Topics

Conference Topics for SPM'08 include (but are not limited to):
# Geometric and topological representations of solids
# Model acquisition, editing, compression, and transmission
# Multi-resolution models of geometry and topology
# Curves and surfaces
# Heterogeneous models of physical objects and properties
# Computational geometry and applications
# Geometric computation and processing
# Physics-based modeling and design
# Shape modeling, synthesis, analysis, and visualization
# Reverse engineering, model reconstruction from samples
# Dimensioning, tolerancing, and constraints
# Conceptual design and multi-disciplinary optimization
# Product data exchange, standards, and interoperability
# Haptic interfaces and user interaction in 3D design
# Collaborative and distributed design
# Virtual environments and prototypes
# Design and simulation of flexible components
# Product and assembly modeling
# New prototyping and manufacturing technologies
# Biomedical and imaging applications
# Geo-scientific applications
# Digital entertainment applications
# Static or dynamic geometry
# Simulation, animation, and interactive techniques

Submission Information for Authors

Abstracts are requested in advance to facilitate the review process and should be 150-300 words in length. Full papers should not exceed 12 pages, including figures and references, in ACM proceedings format and should present previously unpublished, original results that are not simultaneously submitted elsewhere. All papers will be peer-reviewed by members of the international program committee. The submission should be formatted according to the style guidelines for ACM proceedings and must not exceed the quota of 12 pages. You can download template files for LaTex and MS-Word at

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