SAGT 2015

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SAGT 2015
8th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory
Event in series SAGT
Dates 2015/09/28 (iCal) - 2015/09/30
Location: Saarbrücken, Germany
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Table of Contents


Foundational work is solicited on topics including but not limited to:

Solution Concepts in Game Theory

Efficiency of Equilibria and Price of Anarchy

Complexity Classes in Game Theory

Computational Aspects of Equilibria

Computational Aspects of Fixed-Point Theorems

Repeated Games and Convergence of Dynamics

Evolution and Learning in Games

Coalitions, Coordination and Collective Action

Reputation, Recommendation and Trust Systems

Network Games and Graph-Theoretic Aspects of Social Networks

Cost-Sharing Algorithms and Analysis

Algorithmic Mechanism Design

Computing with Incentives

Computational Social Choice

Decision Theory, and Pricing

Auction Algorithms and Analysis

Economic Aspects of Distributed Computing

Internet Economics and Computational Advertising

Important Dates

Submission deadline: Friday, May 1, 2015, 23:59 GMT

Notification: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camera ready: Sunday, July 12, 2015

Symposium: September 28-30, 2015 (Saarbrücken, Germany)


Program Committee

Elliot Anshelevich, RPI

Felix Brandt, TU Munich

Edith Elkind, Oxford University

Angelo Fanelli, CNRS

Felix Fischer, University of Cambridge

Dimitris Fotakis, NTU Athens

Nick Gravin, Microsoft Research New England

Monika Henzinger, University of Vienna

Martin Hoefer, MPII / Saarland University (chair)

Max Klimm, TU Berlin

Jochen Könemann, University of Waterloo

Piotr Krysta, University of Liverpool

Yishay Mansour, Tel Aviv University

Vahab Mirrokni, Google Research

Peter Bro Miltersen, Aarhus University

Herve Moulin, University of Glasgow

Rahul Savani, University of Liverpool

Guido Schäfer, CWI

Alexander Skopalik, Paderborn University

Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Tech

Steering Committee

Elias Koutsoupias, University of Oxford

Marios Mavronicolas, University of Cyprus

Dov Monderer, Technion

Burkhard Monien, Paderborn University

Christos Papadimitriou, UC Berkeley

Giuseppe Persiano, University of Salerno

Paul Spirakis, University of Liverpool (chair)

Organizing Team

Christina Fries, MPI for Informatics

Martin Hoefer, MPI for Informatics (chair)

Bojana Kodric, MPI for Informatics

Paresh Nakhe, MPI for Informatics

Sabine Nermerich, Cluster of Excellence MMCI

Roxane Wetzel, MPI for Informatics

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