SAGT 2010

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SAGT 2010
3rd International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory
Event in series SAGT
Dates 2010/10/18 (iCal) - 2010/10/20
Location: Athens, Greece
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Table of Contents


  • Solution Concepts in Game Theory
  • Game Classes (e.g., Bimatrix, Potential, Bayesian)
  • Exact and Approximate Computation of Equilibria
  • Convergence and Learning in Games
  • Complexity Classes in Game Theory
  • Algorithmic Aspects of Fixed-Point Theorems
  • Mechanisms, Incentives, and Coalitions
  • Cost-Sharing Algorithms and Analysis
  • Computational Aspects of Market Equilibria
  • Computational Problems in Economics, Finance, Decision Theory, and Pricing
  • Auction Algorithms and Analysis
  • Price of Anarchy and its Relatives
  • Representations of Games and their Complexity
  • Economic Aspects of Distributed Computing and the Internet
  • Network Formation on the Internet
  • Congestion, Routing, and Network Design Games
  • Game-Theoretic Approaches to Networking Problems
  • Computational Social Choice

Important Dates

Submission deadline: May 10, 2010, 23:59 GMT

Notification of authors: June 28, 2010

Camera ready submission: July 27, 2010

Symposium dates: October 18-20, 2010



  • Elias Koutsoupias, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Paul Spirakis, R.A. Computer Technology Institute, Greece

Program Committee Members:

  • Itai Ashlagi, Harvard Business School, USA
  • Xi Chen, University of Southern California, USA
  • Xiaotie Deng, City University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG
  • Kousha Etessami, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Michal Feldman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL
  • Dimitris Fotakis, National Technical University of Athens, GREECE
  • Paul W. Goldberg, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Rica Gonen, Yahoo! Research, USA
  • Haim Kaplan, Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL
  • David Kempe, University of Southern California, USA
  • Spyros Kontogiannis, University of Ioannina, GREECE
  • Annamaria Kovacs, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY
  • Vangelis Markakis, Athens University of Economics and Business, GREECE
  • Marios Mavronicolas, University of Cyprus, CYPRUS
  • Aranyak Mehta, Google Research, USA
  • Seffi Naor, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL
  • Maher Said, Microsoft Research New England, USA
  • Michael Schapira, Yale University and UC Berkeley, USA
  • Bernhard von Stengel, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
  • Berthold Voecking, RWTH Aachen University, GERMANY
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