SADM 2008

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SADM 2008
First International Workshop on Semantic Aspects in Data Mining
Dates Dec 15, 2008 (iCal) - Dec 19, 2008
Location: Pisa, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: Aug 1, 2008
Notification: Sep 15, 2008
Table of Contents

First International Workshop on Semantic Aspects in Data Mining (SADM'08) 
In conjunction with the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2008)
December 15 - 19, 2008

The objective of SADM is to introduce standardized formal methods which can explicitly consider data semantics, background knowledge, or reasoning in the mining process. This knowledge has to be represented/formalized in a knowledge repository, such as ontologies,conceptual schemas, knowledge bases, etc. The main aspect is that this knowledge has to be explicitly incorporated into the KDD process, where the algorithms for data preprocessing,data mining or post-processing make use of this knowledge to improve the KDD process. The key idea is to develop a more general understanding about how to exploit data semantics and background knowledge, and to create standardized procedures for designing more intelligent data mining methods. We believe that such an effort can lead to the development of the science of semantic data mining.

Important Dates:

    * Submission Deadline: 1 August 2008
    * Notification acceptance: 15 September 2008
    * Camera-ready: 7 October 2008
    * Workshop day: 15 or 19 december 2008 

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