RadarConf 2008

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RadarConf 2008
IEEE Radar Conference
Event in series RadarConf
Dates 2008/05/26 (iCal) - 2008/05/29
Homepage: www.radarcon2008.org
Location: Rome, Italy
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Important dates
Submissions: 2007/09/15
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2008 IEEE Radar Conference
Sheraton Golf Parco dei Medici
May 26-30, 2008 Rome Italy

The 2008 IEEE Radar Conference is in the series of radar conferences promoted by the IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society.

In continuity with the tradition of IEEE Radar conferences, so far always held in the United States, the radar community will gather next year in Italy, in the city of Rome, the beautiful capital of the ancient Roman Empire.

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alternative acronym is RadarCon

Facts about "RadarConf 2008"
AcronymRADARCON 2008 +
End dateMay 29, 2008 +
Event in seriesRadarConf +
Has coordinates41° 53' 36", 12° 28' 59"Latitude: 41.893319444444
Longitude: 12.482933333333
Has location cityRome +
Has location countryCategory:Italy +
Homepagehttp://www.radarcon2008.org +
IsAEvent +
Start dateMay 26, 2008 +
Submission deadlineSeptember 15, 2007 +
TitleIEEE Radar Conference +