RTSS 2008

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RTSS 2008
Work in Progress Session of the 29th International Real-Time Systems Symposium
Dates Dec 1, 2008 (iCal) - Dec 3, 2008
Homepage: cse.unl.edu/rtss2008/index.php?SelectedItem=WorkInProgressSession
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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Important dates
Submissions: Sep 19, 2008
Notification: Oct 15, 2008
Table of Contents


The WiP session is devoted to the presentation of new and on-going
research in real-time systems, theory, and applications. The primary
purpose of the WiP session is to provide researchers with an
opportunity to discuss their evolving ideas and gather feedback from
the real-time community at large. Of particular interest are ideas and
contributions that present significant paradigm shifts, explore unique
and unconventional approaches to important problems, or investigate
fundamental departures from conventional wisdom in adopted
solutions. WiP topics include, but are not limited to:

* Adaptive systems theory and practice
* Architectural support
* Case studies
* Compiler support
* Embedded systems
* Energy management
* Formal methods
* Model-based development
* Multimedia computing
* Performance modeling
* Real-time and dependability
* Real-time databases
* Real-time sensor/actuator networks
* Real-time programming languages
* Real-time systems middleware
* Scheduling
* Security and survivability
* Software engineering
* System development tools
* Systems integration
* Wireless communications
* Worst-case execution time estimation
* QoS support

The RTSS 2008 WiP session will be held during the symposium (December
1 to December 3, Barcelona, Spain). Accepted submissions will be
included in a separate RTSS WiP Proceedings, which will be distributed
to all RTSS symposium participants and will be available
electronically from the RTSS home page. There will be an opportunity
to show your accepted WIP paper in a poster session, in addition to
the brief oral presentation session.One author of every accepted paper
should be registered to the conference by october, 24 to have the
paper printed in the proceedings. Submissions should describe original
on-going work.

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