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Third International Conference on Renewable Energy Technology for Rural Development
Dates Apr 2, 2009 (iCal) - Apr 4, 2009
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
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Important dates
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Camera ready due: Mar 10, 2009
Table of Contents

Third International Conference on Renewable Energy Technology for Rural Development (RETRUD-08)

2-4 April 2009, 
Kathmandu, Nepal


Organized by
Center for Energy Studies, IOE, TU
Nepal Solar Energy Society (NSES)

Supported by
Alternative Energy Promotion Center, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Government of Nepal 

The conventional energy resources are rapidly being consumed in the developed countries, while many developing countries still lack sustainable and reliable energy supply systems. Some Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) are mature, environmentally friendly and highly appropriate for such developing countries. RETs can play an important role in fulfilling the growing needs of developing and the technologically advanced world of today. 

Following the successful 1st International conference (RETRUD-98) and 2nd International conference (RETRUD-03), the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energy Technology for Rural Development (RETRUD-08) is going to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 2-4 April 2009. Prior to the 3rd International conference a National Conference on (RETRUD-06) has been successfully  organized for bringing powerful changes in the national renewable energy sector.

The first international conference, RETRUD-98, helped in exchanging experience and information in the field of renewable energy technology, while second international conference, RETRUD-03, contributed towards exploring the existing engineering educational activities, disseminating successful RETs undertaken in participating countries and developing closer cooperation among them. The 3rd conference is expected to provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas, presenting new developments in various fields of RETs and networking for global partnership for the betterment of the rural people. 

Conference Theme:
• Technical Issues on RETs (solar electricity/thermal, hydropower, wind, biomass in forms of solid, liquid and gas, geothermal, hydrogen) including new design & development, and monitoring & evaluation
• Existing and Future Policy/Institutional Issues/Management including Environmental Issues and Carbon Trading opportunities within the country
• Educational and Information Dissemination.
• Energy Issues and Options in Rangelands
• Case studies of failure and successful RET projects.

Abstracts must be written in English, should be in about 200 words, must contain a full list of author/s with address, fax number/s and e-mail/s, must be sent in soft copies in MS Word or PDF format to the conference secretariat. (Papers based on case studies are preferred.)  

Key Dates:
Abstract Deadline: February 15, 2009
Acceptance Information:  February 25, 2009
Full Paper Submission Deadline: March 10, 2009

Conference Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

Note: The Official Language of the Conference will be English.

Sponsoring Opportunities: 
We are grateful to sponsors of RETRUD-98, RETRUD-03 and RETRUD-06. We are looking for the same cooperation from previous sponsors and also from new sponsors.

Registration Fee
Delegates from Nepal	: NRs. 2500.00
Delegates from SAARC Countries	: US $ 50.00
Delegates from other Countries	: US $ 100.00
Payment should be made in favor of RETRUD-08

Registration includes: Conference Proceedings, teas, lunches, conference bag, program schedule and reception dinner.

National Steering  Committee:
Dean, IOE (Ex-officio), Chairman, 
Executive Director, AEPC/MOEST/GoN (Ex-officio), Vice-Chairman, 
Prof. Dr. J. N. Shrestha (Chairman, RETRUD-08 Organising Committee), 
Representative (NPC/GoN), 
Mr. Purushottam Ghimire (MOEST/GoN), 
Representative of WECS/GoN 
Dr. R. M. Singh (NAST), 
Prof. P. R. Pant (Planning, TU), 
Prof. Dr. A.B. Karki (BSP-Nepal), 
Mr. Tek Gurung (UNDP/N), 
Dr. Kamal Banskota (ICIMOD).

National Advisory Committee:
Dr. D.P. Sangraula, Pulchowk Campus Chief (Ex-officio), 
Mr. Mangal Maharjan (AEPC), 
Mr. Saroj Rai (BSP-N), 
Mr. S.L. Shrestha (BSP-N), 
Dr. Bim Shrestha (KU), 
Mr. G.R. Shrestha (CRT/N), 
Mr. Bikash Sharma (ICIMOD), 
Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha (UN-HABITAT/N), 
Mr. Gopal Sherchan (SGP/GEF),  
Mr. Kishore Shakya (President, NEA), 
Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar (ENPHO), 
Ms. Jun Hada (Practical Action), 
Dr. Mangala Shrestha (CDRD,TU), 
Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha (RECAST), 
Mr. Krishna Chandra Subedi (NBPA), 
Mr. Surendra Bhakta Mathema (NMHDA)

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Dr. J. N. Shrestha, (Chairman), 
Associate Prof. Dr. T. R. Bajracharya, (Member-Secretary), 
Mr. S. K. Sapkota, 
Mr. R. Munankarmi, 
Mr. S. Sharma, 
Mr. N. R. Dhakal,
Prof. Dr. B. B. Ale, 
Prof. Dr. C. B. Joshi, 
Prof. Amrit Nakarmi, 
Mr. Y. R. Tamrakar, 
Mr. N. R. Bhattarai, 
Dr. R. B. Singh, 
Prof. Dr. D. K. Sharma, 
Mr. Shekhar Aryal (RGG), 
Mr. B. B. Poudyal, 
Mr. Rajendra Singh, 
Ms. Anjila Manandhar (CEN), 
Mr. Gopal Raj Joshi (WI/N), 
Mr. Pradeep Amatya (LSMC)

International Advisory Committee Members (Tentative): 
Prof. Dr. T. Kojima (Seikei Univ., Japan), 
Prof. Dr. W. Rakwichian (SERT, Thailand), 
Prof. Dr. Etienne Karmazsin (CPE Lyon, France), 
Dr. S.O.B. Shrestha (USA), 
Prof. Dr. D. Pulfrey (UBC, Canada), 
Prof. Dr. M. A. R. Sarkar (BUET, Bangladesh), 
Dr. W. Palz (EU), 
Prof. Dr. P. Schweizer (Germany), 
Mr. Mohan Dangi, PE (The Johns Hopkins Univ., USA), 
Dr. S. Kumar (BU, India), 
Prof. Dr. R. M. Shrestha (AIT, Thailand), 
Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke (Germany), 
Mr. Chaya Jivacate (Thailand), 
Prof. Dr.  A. K. Gupta (USA), 
Dr. Jong Hwan Eun (Korea), 
Mr. R.P. Saini (AHEC/IIT Roorkee, India), 
Dr. Alec Bulawke (USA), 
Mr. Neville Williams (USA), 
Mr. Daniel Pittet (Switzerland)

Delegates can easily obtain 2 months Nepal Visa at the airport in Kathmandu at US $ 30.

Hotel Accommodations
From US$ 30 to 250 per night per person (one star to five star hotel). Please contact Conference secretariat for hotel reservation at least two months in advance.

For more information,please visit our website: 


RETRUD-08 Conference Secretariat
Centre for Energy Studies, Institute of Engineering, TU
Tel: +977 1 5532235, Fax: +977 1 5532234

If you have any question concerning the abstract submission process, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Jagan Nath Shrestha
Associate Prof. Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya


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