RBPM 2011

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RBPM 2011
2nd International Workshop on Reuse in Business Process Management
Subevent of 9th International Conference on Business Process Management
Dates 2011/08/29 (iCal) - 2011/08/29
Homepage: each.uspnet.usp.br/rbpm/2011
Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France
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Important dates
Submissions: 2011/05/20
Table of Contents


The current complexity inherent in the corporative world demands a great dynamism from the IT infrastructure in order to provide technical solutions for conducting business. Business Process Management (BPM), including its service-oriented foundation, has been providing important technological support to improve organization competitiveness. In order to increase dynamism and competitiveness, BPM can benefit from reuse approaches and techniques at several stages of business process life cycle.

The 2nd International Workshop on Reuse in Business Process Management will be dedicated to explore any type of reuse in the Business Process Management domain as well as it was its first edition. Therefore, it will be a forum to discuss systematic reuse applied to BPM at its various levels:

- the basic service-oriented foundation level – including issues such as service development, description, publication, discovery and selection;

- the service composition level – encompassing service negotiation and service aggregation;

- the management and monitoring upper level – including business process modeling, execution, monitoring, and contract establishment and enactment; and;

- the Quality of Service and Semantics orthogonal level.

Moreover, the impact of reuse on business- and service-oriented engineering as well as how it can help in the design of more high-quality process models are very important topics to be discussed in this workshop.

Different existing reuse approaches and techniques can be extended to be applied to this fairly new domain, including: software product line or software product families; variability descriptors; design patterns such as feature modeling; aspect-orientation; and component-based development. In addition, completely new approaches and techniques can be proposed. Their use must also be discussed, preferably under experimentation as well as results analysis.

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  • General Co-Chairs

  • Program Committee Members

- Ana Karla A. de Medeiros – Capgemini Consulting, The Netherlands

- Antonio Ruiz-Cortés – University of Seville, Spain

- Arnon Sturm – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

- Barbara Weber – University of Innsbruck, Austria

- Christoph Bussler – Saba Software, Inc., USA

- Claudia Roncancio – University of Grenoble, France

- Dennis Smith – Carnegie Mellon University, USA

- Diogo R. Ferreira – Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

- Eduardo S. de Almeida – Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

- Fernanda A. Baião – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

- Flávia M. Santoro – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

- Gustavo Rossi – National University of La Plata, Argentina

- Hajo Reijers – Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

- Heiko Ludwig – IBM's TJ Watson Research Center, USA

- Jaejoon Lee – Lancaster University, UK

- Jan Mendling – Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

- Jan Recker – Queensland University of Technology, Australia

- João Porto de Albuquerque – University of São Paulo, Brazil

- José Palazzo M. de Oliveira – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

- Luciano A. Digiampietri – University of São Paulo, Brazil

- Mathias Weske – University of Potsdam, Germany

- Paulo F. Pires – Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

- Renata M. de Araujo – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

- Renata de M. Galante – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

- Sergiu Dascalu – University of Nevada, USA

- Stefanie Rinderle-Ma – University of Ulm, Germany

- Tammo van Lessen – University of Stuttgart, Germany

- Uwe Zdun – University of Vienna, Austria

- Vinay Kulkarni – Tata Consultancy Services, India

- Xiaodong Liu – Edinburgh Napier University, UK.