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This meta-property of the datatype External identifier is used to link to the corresponding property as defined in [1]. Its external formatter URI is https://rq.bitplan.com/index.php/ConfIDentSchema/$1.

This property is only needed in the context of the ConfIDent project and should not be used by non-team members of this project. This property will be deleted once it is no longer needed in this context.

Example: https://rq.bitplan.com/index.php/ConfIDentSchema/EventCity

Facts about "RQ schema property"
IsAMeta-Property +
Priority Milestoneiteration 1 +
External formatter URI
"External formatter URI" is a predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to specify an external resource with a placeholder.
https://rq.bitplan.com/index.php/ConfIDentSchema/$1 +
Has type
"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
External identifier +